Headache Remedies That Work!

Headaches don't have to be horrendous. Here are some headache remedies that truly work!

We all get them. Headaches can break you and bring you to your knees. They can stop you from working effectively and they can ruin the day on some days. Tension, migraine, sinus, menstrual, the list is endless. How do you personally deal with headaches? Some of the suggestions below are NOT medically proven to help. Please check with your doctor.

Get Inside

If you are not working or can take a break from your duties, by all means, get inside and lie down. Go to a lounge or couch in the building if you have one at your convenience. If at home, seek darkness and stay there awhile. In darkness, you will feel the headache lift almost immediately.

Shut the Lights

If you are having this headache at night, shut all of the lights possible. The darker the better. Lights, especially very bright or flourescent ones, tend to trigger migraine headaches.

Take a Break Outside

If the headache you're having is a result of stale air and stagnance, see if you can't take a quick walk around the building or go out and stroll around the park on your lunch hour. Sometimes, fresh air is all you need for this type of headache.

Use a Good Pain Reliever

The good old stand-by--aspirin. It is your choice what works for you. My tip is that you choose a pain reliever especially for headaches or the "type" of headache you're having. They're out there...Remember to take them as directed; they should also be taken consistently.

Take Coffee and Caffeine

It may sound crazy, but coffee and certain foods or other drinks with caffeine may actually assist you with a headache. It has been proven. So, go ahead and put on that pot if you must, or drink a can of soda. Chocolate is another option, and you could enjoy yourself while aiding your headache.


For those of you who know how, meditate away. This is a very easy and natural way of ridding yourself of tension.The results are slow, but effective for some.

Light the Candles

Along with your meditation could come some candles. For some reason, candles make for the perfect type of "light" that you can stand when you're having a killer headache. Candles force you to relax.

Relevant Oils/Natural Pain Relievers

If you know of any, try the natural oils that specifically aid headaches (this may include mint, eucalptus, or rosemary). You may even want to try the headache and pain reliever "bags" that you can heat in the microwave. Usually, they are filled with natural aiding ingredients and herbs. Massage is also a natural way to relieve pain--partner required.

Touch the Headache Away

Touch is a very effective tool for healing any mental or physical pain. If you have a partner, or don't you can do this. Find your temples and gently massage them with the pads of your fingers. If you desire, use some oil or menthol on your fingers. Gently stroke your own hair and pat your head. You'd be surprised at how a little TLC can work wonders!

Try Soft Music

If you are the music type, try listening to very light, soft and calming music, especially, music that pertains to the senses (nature, ocean, waves, bees, etc.). The focus on the music will lift the tension almost instantly.

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