How To Heal Burns Faster With Diet And Food

Foods that help promote the healing of burns.

A well balanced diet plays an essential role in promoting major burn healing. A person with extensive burns needs extra nutrients in their diet. Fluids, sodium, and potassium play an essential part in the role of promoting healing also. These three items keep moisture in the skin, which prevents second and third degree burns from blistering. If the burns blister then this allows the much-needed moisture to escape. Moisture is needed to prevent dehydration and to promote healing.

Extra calories and protein are needed for tissue to heal and repair itself. The mineral Zinc plays an important factor of tissue repair. Zinc gives a boost to the immune system, which fights off potentially dangerous infections. Zinc can be found in lean meats, shellfish, yogurt, fruits and vegetables. Another essential vitamin is vitamin C which works with Zinc to fight infections. Since caffeine is known to have a diuretic effect, caffeine enriched beverages should be avoided, became the body must maintain fluids to heal.

All forms of alcohol should also be avoided, due to alcohol promotes the kidneys to flush more fluids out of the body. When alcohol is consumed the body purifies itself through sweat. This flushes more valuable fluids from the body.

Dehydration is the most dangerous thing that can happen with burn victims. There are valuable liquids that should be included in any burn victims diet. The most valuable liquid is water it replenishes the system without deleting necessary nutrients. Chicken or beef broth is an essential liquid; because it replenishes the fluid the body needs and adds valuable vitamins and minerals.

Tomato juice is another good source of fluid; it adds a lot of vitamin C and has more zinc than any other vegetable. Another source of fluid is fresh fruit juices such as grape juice, apple juice, and pineapple juice and pear juice. Be sure juices are prepared from fresh fruits due to the vitamin content. Juices do lose valuable vitamins and minerals when processed.

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