How To Help Heal A Sunburn

This article offers a few helpful tips for how to treat sunburn at home, and help you heal more quickly.

With so much attention focused on protecting yourself against skin cancer, many people have become much more diligent about applying sunscreen before heading outside. Nevertheless, there will be times when you forget to reapply, or forget your sunscreen, and end up with red skin that feels tight and sore. Below are a few tips to help you get over the pain of sunburn more comfortably.

Over the counter products are certainly a good option to have on hand. Many sunburn sprays or creams have a cooling effect that will take away the heat that lingers during those early stages of sunburn. However, there are some more natural options that can really help ease your sunburn pain quickly and easily, and help you heal faster.

One of the best sunburn cures I know of was given to me by my 96-year-old grandmother. It requires a mixing bowl, ice, milk, and a washcloth or hand towel. Fill the bowl with the milk and ice, letting it sit for a few minutes so that the milk gets ice-cold. It's best to bring the bowl of milk and ice and the towels into a bath or shower, and depending on where and how bad your sunburn is, you might want to remove any clothing that you don't want to become sticky from the milk. Soak your towel in the bowl of milk and ice until it is completely saturated. Ring it out slightly, making sure the towel is still wet. Place the towel over your sunburned skin and leave it there until the towel loses the cold temperature. You'll feel the heat of your sunburn coming off you and the towel will become hot - sometimes the milk in the towel will even curdle. Once the towel is no longer cold, rinse it out and repeat the process. This remedy is a great way to rid yourself of that uncomfortable heat that accompanies the early part of a burn. You'll want to rinse off afterwards, since your skin will be sticky from the milk.

Another great home remedy standard is aloe. You can buy aloe gel in a container at the store - the higher percentage of aloe in the product, the better it is. Be careful of any products containing alcohol. This will only make your skin drier. The best thing to do if you're going to use aloe is to take a stalk of it directly off an aloe plant. Either squeeze the stalk to get the gelatinous liquid out, or cut it along the length and use your fingers to get to the liquid. Not only will the aloe feel good on your skin, but it will help your sunburn heal much faster, and will help keep peeling to a minimum.

As always, to avoid sunburn, use your sunscreen and stay in the shade. But if you do find yourself with sunburn, take some steps to treat it properly right from the start. Your skin will thank you!

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