Healing Children's Sunburned Skin

If your child becomes sunburned here are some ways you can help sooth and heal thier delicate sun-baked skin.

Even though we try to protect our children from too much sun exposure by using sun blocks, and having them wear clothing that is cool but also helps guard against the rays, there are still many chances for a child to unfortunately receive a sunburn.

When a child becomes sunburned many times, they will experience pain along with some heat sensation-symptoms that can become worse hours after exposure to the sun has occurred. A child may also develop chills and because the sun has dried their skin it more than likely will become itchy and feel tight.

Here are some ways you can help sooth and heal a child's sunburned skin during this uncomfortable time.

If a child is to be outdoors while they have a burn make sure that they are in a shaded area until fully healed. Additional sun exposure will only increase the sever ness and pain of his or her burn. Having your child take a cool(not cold)bath is a good way to help alleviate the pain and heat. Another thing you can do is apply cool, wet compresses. These can be made with either water or whole milk. The fat content in the whole milk is very soothing so it makes a good compress. To make the compresses take pieces of gauze and dip into the water or milk. Apply for about twenty minutes at a time to burned areas repeating every two to four hours as needed to help cool the skin. If you choose to use the milk compress remember to wash off the skin afterwards so that the skin does not begin to have a sour smell. To help the skin heal faster, using pure aloe vera gel is a good idea and is available at most pharmacies. It is all natural so it can be applied to sensitive skin without irritating it even more than it already is. Topical moisturizing creams can be smoothed on to help in re hydrating and reducing swelling of the skin.

At night to help your child feel a little more comfortable and able to sleep you may want to give him or her a pain reliever like acetaminophen or ibuprofen and use a spray on after-sun pain reliever. For more severely burned areas applying a thin layer of hydrocortisone 1% is suggested it numbs the area and supports in the healing process.

You should always remember to apply a sun block on your child whenever they may be going outdoors. Sometimes we have a habit of thinking that if the sun isn't really out then there's no danger but protecting them against UVA and UVB rays is just as important. So buying a sun screen with a high SPF should be the goal, the higher the better in protecting children's sensitive skin.

For more ways to take care of your child's sunburn you should call your doctor especially if the burn appears to be too severe for you and you cannot treat at home.

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