Health And Beauty Tips: The Benefits Of Green Tea

Learn how Green tea can save your health, make you lose weight and dramatically, protect your skin, slow down the aging process and keep your smile healthy.

Green Tea has been used by the Chinese for centuries. With a high amount of antioxidants, gorgeous gals from all over the world are making Green Tea a big part of their (beauty) life. Learn how Green tea can save your health, make you lose weight and dramatically slow down the aging process and keep your smile healthy.With all of these benefits, you will be wishing you knew about all of these beauty secrets years ago.


To be healthy is to be beautiful. Green tea has been known to lower cholesterol and prevent life threatening diseases like cancer and heart disease. Epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG) is found in Green tea, making it more effective than red wine and many other drinks that have antioxidants.

Weight Loss

Drinking green tea can make your body look better by losing unwanted pounds, since it naturally enhances fat oxidation and speeds up your body's process of burning calories. Green tea has high levels of catechin polyphenols, which is a natural fat burning process that is completely safe. And, if you're watching your carbs, it's great because Green tea releases carbohydrates slower than if not drinking it, which in turn burns fat. The tea also makes you have more energy without heavy caffeine levels.Also, when you drink Green tea, the catechins make it hard for glucose to be stored (glucose making you gain weight) in fat cells, thus making you on the road for a healthy and fit body.

Slower Aging

The catechins found in Green tea ward off free radicals (which cause damage to cells and tissue), which can make the aging process speed up. Green tea can slow it down and keep your skin looking healthy from the inside out.

Beauty product companies are even taking note and using Green tea extracts in their topical facial lotions. Just as drinking Green tea can radically shield off free radicals (from our daily dose of pollution, smoking and many other environment problems) using lotion stocked with Green tea is another great way to protect your skin from everyday problems that can truly slow the aging process.

Beautiful Teeth

Keeping teeth white and cavity free is a big beauty need. Green tea is proven to have fluoride (a known component in preventing cavities).Japanese children have been drinking a cup or two after their meals for many years. Now you can too, letting you keep your beautiful smile for years.


Depending where you get it a box of Green tea can be very cheap or pretty expensive. For the best prices try an Asian store where you can get a box of 100 tea bags for about $1.80. At a specialty supermarket a box like this could cost you upwards of $10.00 for the same amount (with the same benefits).

So, next time you head off to Starbuck's, stop a minute and think about the beauty and health benefits of Green tea - from slowing the aging process to preventing cancer to making skin beautiful and losing weight"¦.your drink of choice should be Green tea.

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