What Are The Health Benefits Of Garlic?

The many health benefits of eating garlic. A clove a day just may keep the doctor away.

The amazing garlic has been a part of the human experience for around 5,000 years evolving under cultivation. It has been used as food and medicine since Egyptian times.

It was traditionally used in Roman times to treat asthma, suppress coughs, expel intestinal parasites. In China, garlic was traditionally used to reduce fevers, fight against intestinal parasites and dysentery. . And someone that we recognize is Louis Pasteur who first acknowledged it's anti-bacterial activity in around 1858. There were a few drawbacks that the garlic had though. It caused bad breath, dulled eyesight, thirst, harmful to the stomach and causes gas if used in large amounts.

In about the last 25 years, well-documented health benefits from garlic are reduction in cholesterol and triglycerides in the blood and increasing lipoproteins (good cholesterol), lowering of high blood pressure.

It is said to have positive effects in helping prevent yeast infections, cancers, colds and flu. Garlic has good anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, antioxidant, and anti-inflammatory, and immune-stimulant properties.

Garlic can be cut and crushed, can be fresh and dried. Today they have capsules that can be purchased at your local supermarket or health store. One fresh garlic clove can be chewed daily or added raw to cooked foods. When adding garlic to cooked foods make sure it is added at the end of cooking because then the food retains the sulfur compounds more efficiently.


Things you need to be aware of in taking garlic: there are possible allergic reactions. It can also cause heartburn and stomach gas in some people.

A clove of garlic a day just may keep the doctor away.

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