Health Benefits Of Rose Hips

Rose hips are a great source of vitamin C. Rose hips are also a natural way of fighting off many diseases and ailments.

Flowers are a beautiful part of our world, but new developments in medical science has taken flowers, weeds and other plants from the fields and put them on the drugstore shelves in the form of nutritional supplements. Many health benefits, probably known years ago to our ancestors, are being rediscovered, replacing some of the current prescription drugs.

When you think of roses, you probably think fragrance, beauty, softness, but how often do you think vitamin C, vascular system or capillaries? During World War II, the English government organized the harvesting of all available rose hips to make vitamin C syrup, since fruits were virtually unattainable at the time. Rose hips are reported to have up to 60 percent more vitamin C than citrus fruit and are rich in bioflavonoids. Bioflavonoids are important to build and strengthen body tissue. This in turn strengthens the vascular system.

Rose hips are taken by many today as a natural way to get vitamin C, vitamin E and vitamin K, and help to prevent and treat various infections, especially colds and flu. Rose hips are also taken to quicken the healing process for bruises and skin irritations. Inflammation and sore throat can find relief with rose hips, which come in capsule form and are usually taken 3 times daily. Women receive extra benefits from rose hips which help uterine cramps, heavy menstrual flow and some breast disorders.

In addition to vitamins C, E, and K, rose hips contain calcium, citric acid, iron, niacin, phosphorus, tannin, vitamin A, B1, B2, and P. As a natural stimulant it gently allows movement of the bowels, as diuretic rose hips cleanse the urinary system, as a pectoral hips are a remedy for pulmonary and other lung diseases, and as a tonic the rose hips strengthen organs.

Stressed and tired? Rose hips will help. Nervousness? Try rose hips for relief. As a matter of fact, rose hips provide innumerable health benefits from skin, to the immune system, to the bladder. Studies have even shown that rose hips can help prevent the development of kidney stones and prevent diarrhea. Additional studies have proven rose hips are helpful to the circulatory system, respiratory system, the thymus gland and as a blood cleanser.

Other health benefits include lowering abnormal body heat, relieving thirst, healing of internal hemorrhaging or spitting of blood, aid for dysentery, strengthens the stomach, prevents and helps relief chest infections and coughs, cleans the kidneys and bladder, prevents fluid retention, helps with gout and rheumatic conditions and nourishes the skin.

There are few side effects for most people who take rose hips. Some do complain of headache, heartburn, insomnia or nausea, but most people take the rose hips with no issues. Although taking massive amounts of vitamin C over a period of time has been linked to kidney stones, rose hips are relatively low in vitamin C, so little to no risk is involved in overdosing on the vitamin.

Talk to your doctor before replacing a prescription medication with rose hips. Although rose hips have medical benefits, they are not a substitution for many prescribed treatments.

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