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Home DNA profiling test kits are an important tool in giving your family closure and guarding your estate and are easy to purchase and use.

Tragedy isn't something most people want to contemplate--especially when it concerns the loss of their own life and how it could affect the loved ones they leave behind.Ever since the super tragedies of September 11, 2001 and the Southeast Asian tsunami, more and more people have asked themselves: "What would happen to my family if my remains were unidentifiable?What would they bury?How would they find a sense of closure?"Today, thanks to our society's advanced technology, you don't have to worry any longer.Personal DNA profiling, accomplished through an easy and pain-free process, is the answer and ease to your insecurities.

Before purchasing a home DNA profiling kit, there are several things you need to consider.First, do your DNA test results need to be considered legal in a court of law?If so, you should expect to spend more money (often twice as much).Legal DNA testing involves a supervising neutral third party, as opposed to Personal DNA testing, which can be done without witnesses but are not permissible in a court of law.If the testing is to be done between amicable parties with no legal proceedings involved (which is likely in the identification of your remains), a less-costly Personal DNA test may be for you.

In addition, you should also know that you will not be expected to profile the DNA yourself.All you need do is gather your DNA (using a simple process which I will describe later) and mail it to the company, which will test it for you.No advanced degree in chemistry needed!

Keep in mind that no DNA test result is 100% accurate.Though all reputable DNA testing services agree that 99.9% accuracy is the minimum permissible result, there is that .1% chance that the test results are inaccurate.Most people, however, are not troubled by this negligible chance of inaccuracy, and neither should you be.

Finally, before purchasing a DNA profiling kit, consult the Better Business Bureau.Though most DNA testing businesses are legitimate, there are a few out there that may not deliver the accuracy of results they advertise.With something this important, it's best to be certain.The Better Business Bureau contact information can be found online or in any phone book.

Once you have chosen a DNA testing company and purchased your profiling kit, it is very important that you follow the DNA gathering instructions to the letter to avoid contaminating the sample.Most home test kits use buccal swabs, or saliva-gathering brushes with ejectable heads. You will be instructed to rub the swabs on the inside of your cheeks for several seconds--do this carefully, making sure the swab is wet but that you do not touch the ejectable head with your fingers.The swabs will then be placed in envelopes, which you will include in your packet to be mailed back to the DNA testing company.How easy is that?Of course, if the results need to be permissible in a court of law, you will have to have the testing performed by a qualified and neutral third party.Your DNA testing company should give you information on this process.

DNA profiling costs somewhere between $60 and $240, depending on whether or not you need the results to be legal and fast.The kits, however, are usually free.You may also want to consider DNA Banking, a service some DNA testing companies offer.The DNA testing company will store your sample for a specified number of years, releasing the sample to your family to help diagnose a hereditary disease or disprove claims on your estate.This service, including the banking kit, usually costs between $150 and $200.

Though DNA profiling may seem costly, it can provide both you and your family with peace of mind.Why expose your loved ones to the heartache of an empty grave or a battle with strangers for your hard-earned money?Check out DNA profiling and eliminate some of the stress in your life.

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