Health Tips: Information On Incontinence

Being incontinent is the inability to stop the flow of urine until a person can get to a restroom. Instructions on prevention, as well as points on causes.

Incontinence can be defined as the inability to stop the flow of urine until a person can get to a restroom. It doesn't just affect older men and women, as it affects children of various ages too. Younger children usually outgrow this problem as they learn to control their bodies. With children, this problem is often referred to as bedwetting and it most often occurs at night.

Older children, along with adults who suffer from incontinence, usually have a medical condition which causes the problem. One such problem might stem from alack of the antidiuretic hormone. The body produces this hormone and it acutally slows down the production of urine in the body at night. If a person's body lacks this important hormone, his or her bladder can overflow. AND, if the person doesn't wake up in time to go to the bathroom, bedwetting occurs. One effective prescription medication is inhaled as a spray through the nostrils. It actually increases the body's production of the antidiuretic hormone which helps to end the problem of nighttime incontinence.

Sometimes incontinence is caused by the lack of bladder control. The kidneys sort the body's nutrients and these are re-absorbed into the bloodstream. The waste is then routed to the bladder. The bladder is a muscular organ that temporarily stores the urine until it continues on to the urehtra and exits out the body. When the bladder is full. it sends off impulses to the brain. The bladder also contracts and the sphincter , the muscle that closes the entrance from the bladder to the urethra relaxes. In older adults, the muscles that control urination can become weak and therefore do not always work properly. This causes a leaking of urine.

This lack of muscle strength can sometimes be remedied by exercises known as Kegel exercises. These exercise movements are specially designed to strengthen the muscles that have weakened.

Other types of incontinence can be caused by coughing or sneezing which places pressure on the bladder and can cause it to leak a small amount of urine out. This type is appropriately known as stress incontinence, and is treatable.In fact, all types of incontinence are treatable.

Did you know that taking certain types of medications can cause incontinence> So, it is not a condition to necessarily become alarmed about. Some reports state that drinking the artificial sweetener called Aspartame, which is often found in soda pop, can also cause incontinence problems. And, caffeine has long been blamed. You may only need change your diet to resolve your incontinence problem.

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