Health Tips: Managing Social Drinking

How to be safe with social drinking. There are more and more occasions where people are drinking. Tips for having fun with moderation.

Do you recall when people used to think someone who had drank a few drinks too many was very amusing? That has changed. A few years ago those around him would laugh as he left the party, now others are concerned when someone is at a party or a gathering and drinks too much. They are actually very annoyed with the person who drinks too much.

Over the years we have become more and more health conscious and concerned when someone drinks that there might be a long term problem. There are more and more occasions where people are drinking more such as a family renunion, an office party, card games, etc.

When one person or more at a party or gathering drinks too much it spoils the enjoyment of others. More people are having guidelines when they have guests over to their home. The hosts for the most part are keeping the liquor flow under control and realizing that serving too much liquor and some getting drunk, loud or out of control is just not acceptable and can be also very dangerous.

When you are the host you are in charge, don't forget that, you decide the food to be served and also the liquor to be served and also the activities at your home. You also can decide when to have people go home and when to cut off the liquor to whomeever you wish. You are also realizing that a lot of these people who may drink too much have to drive home and you have to decide when enough is enough especially with friends whom you might have an idea of how much they can afford to drink and be safe. If you think anyone has drank too much it is also your responsibility to have someone drive that person home for his safety and the safety of others on the road.

A host would be playing it safe if he were to make the decisions on just not inviting those people who are know to drink too much and get out of control. Once you are in a situation where you have seen someone who has been out of control in the past it would be wise to leave that person off your list of invitations.

If a host will make sure food is served and not just liquor you can help most people not be affected by too much liquor. You might also wait a reasonable time after serving drinks before dinner and not let them consume too much liquor before eating. This is your responsibliity as host to your dinner guests. As a good host you always have the right to not refill anyone's glass. So don't run to each guest as soon as you see the glass of liquor is empty to refill.

You might as a host have something for the guests to do after dinner, such as a game, keep them busy and they'll think less about having more to drink. Perhaps serve an after dinner cocktail then just put the liquor away. The guest who requests another drink would be very push and you have the right of refusal. You might also have at the bar several drinks such as juices that are non-alcoholic.

Now for the other side of this social drinking situation: say you are the guest and go to a party at someone's home or elsewhere, you need to set a time limit on the time you will stop drinking so that you do not consume too much liquor. Before you head off to that party eat something so you won't be drinking on an empty stomach, even a sandwich or some fruit, etc. You might also alternate your drinks at the party, one drink with liquor, then the next just a soft drink or perhaps fruit juice. Tell the person who is making the drinks to go lightly on the liquor in your drink.

Remember you are in charge of yourself and wouldn't you rather arrive home safely and drive without being under the influences of too much liquor than to put yourself and others at risk.

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