Healthier Hair: Hair Care, Products, And Beauty

Keep your hair shampooed and conditioned for optimum health, beauty, and vitality. Here are a few tips that may help.

Beautiful hair has been the hallmark of feminine beauty through the ages. Men, too, enjoy the strength and appeal of gorgeous locks, as evidenced in the biblical Samson. While some people are born with lovely hair, others have to work at making the most of theirs, but everyone should take steps to ensure their hairstyle is clean, neat, and attractive.

If you're not sure how to get great-looking hair, here are a few tips that can help:

1. Comb or brush your hair daily. This may seem obvious to most people, but some folks seem to run out of time before running a comb through their tangled strands. Use a comb after washing your hair to help detangle it for a smooth finish. A brush may be better when your hair is dry to unsnarl what has been called the "rat's nest" in favor of manageable locks. Give it a good going-over once a day, but no more than a hundred strokes. Brushing your hair releases natural scalp oils that bring out the shine and promote health, but overdoing it can leave your hair looking dull and lifeless or greasy.

2. Wash your hair at least twice a week. In some cultures, people don't wash their hair due to water shortages or fear of evil spirits that they believe live in the water or underground near a river or stream. They are not familiar with modern hygiene practices. But today, most cultures value routine cleanliness. Manufacturers produce dozens of hair care products that can be purchased inexpensively in any discount store or supermarket. Keeping your hair clean will remove the buildup of styling products and get rid of excess scalp oil or dust that sticks to the strands like iron on a magnet.

3. Lightly condition your hair at least weekly. As widely available as shampoo, use an amount the size of a quarter and rub it into your hair, not the scalp, especially along the ends of your tips. Leave it on for about a minute before rinsing with warm water. Conditioner will leave a slight residue to protect your hair from pollutants and grime to keep it manageable and attractive.

4. Get it trimmed regularly. Even if you decide to let your hair grow long, it should be trimmed or cut every four to six weeks for maximum health. Trimming removes dead ends that can cause frizziness, and it evens up layers that may be growing out sporadically. The right haircut can enhance your natural features, too. Consult a professionally-trained stylist for the best look for you and style for your hair type and texture.

5. Don't over process your hair. Too much styling product, blow drying, coloring, highlighting, perming, and even conditioning can take its toll. Use this techniques sparingly to bring out your hair's natural beauty, not hide its inherent flaws. Don't get a permanent more than twice a year, and allow your hair to air-dry sometimes rather than using heated driers or rollers on it each day.

Your hair is like any other body part. Treat it well and it will last a long time. But if you neglect or misuse it, your hair may end up looking damaged, or it may even begin to fall out. Pamper it for the best look and premium health.

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