Healthy Eating For Kids

This article contains information on healthy eating for kids.

Between the age of 1 year old and 6 years old, your child begins to assert his or her independence. This often evident in the way your child eats. He may develop food jags (only eating one type of food) or refuse to eat anything that touches each other.

This may be stressful to you but your child will live through it. First, it is important to understand it is not your fault. You are not a failure as a parent if your child develops these behaviors. It is just a stage: you and your child will get through it. Here are some tips on how to:

Be patient. Don't make dinner a stressful time for your child. This will only result in him or her becoming more stubborn.

Hide vegetables is certain foods. This is good when your child refuses to eat vegetables. Put vegetables in meat loaf, hamburgers, and eggs.

Children prefer plain dishes. Don't serve him or her any mixed dishes. For example, casseroles.

Make sure your child food is easy to eat. Your child won't eat it if he or she can't eat it. Make sure meat and vegetables are tender.

Make dinnertime fun. Give your plain dishes funny names. Trick him or her into eating it.

Serve at least one food your child likes. This way you can make sure, he or she eats something.

Don't serve snacks right before dinner. Your child is more receptive to new food when he or she is hungry.

Use the One-bite rule. Require your child to take at least one bite of a new food before he or she refuses it.

Give positive reinforcement. When he or she types a new type of food give him or her a sticker or button.

Don't scold your child. Don't make food the key issue between you and your child, they will out grow it.

Be sure to make meal time pleasurable. Don't bring animosity to the dinner table. Try to introduce a new food every week.

Be persistent. Keep trying. Eventually curiosity will encourage your child to try a new food.

Remember it is normal for your child to become picky. Your child will not starve himself or herself: eventually he or she will give in.

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