Healthy Eating Tips For Kids: Healthy Snacks

Different healthy snacks you can give to your kids.

If you read any scientific study, it will report that kids in America are, on average, overweight, if not obese. Long gone are the days when playing baseball and street hockey outside with the neighborhood kids was the norm. Nowadays, kids come home from school and either go straight to the television, computer or video game console. As a generation, we eat more and, coupled with inactivity, our bodies and our health are suffering.

It isn't easy to give up the tasty fried foods, the chips and the sweet snacks, but if you want your kids to develop healthy eating habits and make them less susceptible to diseases like obesity and diabetes, now is the time to get started. If the whole family is committed to getting healthy, it is easy to cook healthy breakfasts, lunches and dinners, but what about snacks? Who doesn't get home from school or work and rush straight to the refrigerator for a mid-afternoon snack to tide them over until dinner? Here are some healthy alternatives to snacking for kids.

Salty Snacks

If you have a taste for salty foods, throw away that bag of greasy chips and go for a bowl of pretzels with some mustard for flavor. Nowadays, it is easy to buy low-fat chips, so get a bag of low-fat tortilla chips and have salsa dip on the side. A handful of nuts, like brazil nuts or cashews, is a wonder alternative to a salty snack. If you love the crunch of chips, grab a bag of baby carrots and dip them in reduced-fat ranch dressing. Pickle spears are also good for a "salty tooth" although you want to limit them because they are a little high in sodium. Also, a small bag of light popcorn has been known to curb those salty cravings. Cubed cheese is also a good alternative, although you will want to limit the number of cubes your kids reach for.

Sweet Snacks

Get rid of all of those chocolate treats, donuts, brownies and sugary cereals you have stocked in your pantry. Fill your refrigerator with fruits instead. Strawberries, kiwi, cantaloupe, apples, peaches and pears can easily be cut up for a tasty fruit salad. Add a sprinkle of coconut or drizzle honey over it to really zest it up. Instead of a popsicle, freeze a paper cup of grapes for an extremely tasty frozen treat. You can also make a Monkey Tail, which is a frozen banana drizzled with chocolate syrup and a touch of fat-free whipped cream. Have some fat-free pudding cups on hand for a quick treat. Also, instead of going to the local ice cream parlor for a shake or malt, get out that blender you never use and whip up a healthy, but tasty, smoothie. Blend up some fat-free yogurt, skim milk and fresh or frozen fruit for a scrumptious and natural smoothie. If you want to give your kids some snacks for their lunches, dried fruits like apricots or bananas are terrific and tasty treats.

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