Healthy Mexican Food

How you can eat healthy food low in fat in a Mexican restaurant.

When you go to a Mexican restaurant, you may feel there are no low-fat items to choose from. Mexican food is full of fried food such as refried beans and fried tacos. However, you can find items on the menu that is low fat.

First, don't eat the chips. The tortilla chips are full of fat and may feel you up with unneeded fat. Share them with the person you went to dinner with or avoid eating them at all.

When you order look on the menu for food that is baked. Avoid food that says fried. If you don't know what the terms mean and the menu lacks translation ask the server to clarify it for you.

Avoid food that has the following descriptions: crispy, fried, refried beans, cheesy, and with guacamole. Try foods that are described as baked, grilled, and soft tortilla.

Don't order any topping. Avoid sour cream and guacamole. These are full of unneeded fat. Salsa is a nice alternative to these and is low in fat and high vitamins and antioxidants. If you must have your sour cream and guacamole, order it on the side. Use sparingly.

Avoid fried foods. These foods include tacos, chimichangas, etc. You can substitute for soft tacos, and baked quesadillas.

Avoid food with ground beef in it. Chances is that it will have too much fat in it; try chicken instead.

Mexican food tends to have big portions. You might like to cut the portions in half and put in a to go box.

Mexican desserts tend to be fried and topped with honey. Avoid these desserts. Try to find an alternative, instead of fried desserts get fruits.

You don't have to sacrifice to enjoy Mexican food. If you insist on eating without using these tips, that is fine. You can balance your meals out. Choose light meals for the rest of your day. Enjoy!

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