Heart Shaped Candy Holders Crafts For Kids

A simple, inexpensive craft project to make with kids as a gift on Valentine's day or for a nursing home visit. Perfect group activity

Crafts are a fun, relaxing way to spend time. If the craft is inexpensive to do and you can really use it, the bonuses double. Add in kids, and you have a sure winner!

Whenever combining kids and crafts though, make simplicity a priority. Keeping it basic, simple, and making something the kids can actually use, will surely lead to lifelong love of crafting. A simple craft that fits this description is a heart shaped candy holder. Even the youngest kids can cut and sew using the materials needed. Older kids will like the making and filling of the finished craft. This is a perfect project or activity for a group or gift giving as materials listed will make several.


One yard of clear craft vinyl

5 inch Heart shape pre-cut from cardboard


Safety scissors

Yarn in assorted colors (pre-cut these into approx. 30" lengths for the younger kids)

Yarn needle

Assorted bags of candy

Paper punch

With pre-cut shape and pen, trace hearts on vinyl. Cut out hearts. Two hearts will be needed for each holder, place two together and with paper punch, punch holes all the way around the hearts, space evenly, and try to not overlap holes. Thread yarn needle with yarn. With yarn, thread through the top middle whole, leaving a tail about 8'"long, (this will be used to tie closed at end) sew from back of heart, through top, and repeat all the way around until the last few holes. Fill heart with candy; finish sewing until you meet the tail at the start. Remove needle, and tie ends into a secure bow. Keep and enjoy or give as gifts. These make great valentines, or gifts for a visit to a nursing home. However you use them, you have now started a child into the wonderful world of crafting!

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