Heat Exhaustion

Sometimes heat exhaustion slips up on us incidiously in hot weather. We need to know the symptoms to take defensive action when needed!

Each year when the summer temperature ascends higher and higher, the possibility of too much sun can cause a deadly stroke. When the weather is warm and sultry and in fact hot with high humidity it is sometimes deceiving to our good sense"┬Žit is beautiful outside, things are green and pleasing and we are ready to go for our routine walk or run and enjoy the fresh air and sunshine. We exercise with enthusiasm as usual, not thinking about the extreme heat of this particular day. Heat is generated in the body, and when it is produced faster than the body can cool itself down, then related conditions may occur such as, heat exhaustion, or heat stroke. Our body is a wonderful mechanism, it will try valiantly to cool itself by restricting the blood flow to the kidneys and other internal organs and open the blood vessels near the skin where heat can be dispersed through evaporation. Our body cools itself by primarily through the skin and perspiring.

Too much too long!

If we are subjected to air that is a very warm and for an extended period, it may overwhelm the body's ability to cool adequately. When this happens we may have the symptom of cramps. The main muscles used in your activity will most probably be the areas you will notice the cramping. Rest, find shade, and drink fluid, eat something a bit salty, to relieve the discomfort.

Feeling Faint?

If your body temperature is raised and you feel faint, you notice your heart is rate is rapid, your blood pressure will be low, you are very pale with cool clammy skin and are sick at your stomach you may be experiencing heat exhaustion. These symptoms may show up very quickly. Get to a cooler place inside or in the shade immediately. Someone will need to help to remove restrictive clothing, lay down with legs elevated. Water should be given not cold, but cool, and beverages with electrolytes would be helpful. Watch this condition carefully is a precursor to heat stroke.

Get Help!

There are those people who have less ability to perspire, senior citizens or those prone to obesity, who will be more likely to succumb to a heat stroke. Also conditions such, excessive exercise, heart disease, specific medications, over use of alcohol, are all risk factors for heat stroke. Symptom of a heatstroke is fever of perhaps 105F with skin that is dry and very warm. You will notice some confusion, rapid pulse, and rapid shallow breathing; the blood pressure could be high or low. In this, case you could suspect a heat stroke and help in the form of emergency treatment should be should be sought forthwith.

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