Heat Suffocation In A Car

Learn to avoid heat suffocation in a car.

We have all heard the tragic news stories about children and animals being locked in a car and dying from the intense heat. A little boy in Phoenix, Arizona was playing in a neighbor's abandoned car and got locked in. The temperature outside that day was in the low 90's, but the temperature in the closed car soared to 140 degrees within 10 minutes, and he died. Another child went into the garage to play in his Daddy's truck, he climbed in and shut the door, he could not open the heavy door to get out and died of heat suffocation. More tragic are the stories of parents leaving their sleeping babies or children in their locked up car so they can run into the grocery store and shop with out them. When they get back to the car, their children are dead.

Our body temperature can only reach about 107 degrees before we lose consciousness and the body stops functioning. When we are exposed to temperatures above 120 degrees in an enclosed car the bodies' temperature rises and death is inevitable within minutes.

It is very important to never leave your children or pets in an enclosed car in any temperature. Even in mild weather the temperature in a car with all the windows rolled up can soar to very extreme temperatures. It is cruel to any living creature to endure such extreme temperatures.

Here are some tips to avoid a tragic death by heat suffocation in a car:

Never leave your kids or pets in a car with the window rolled up, even for a few minutes.

Don't leave your children in the car if they fall asleep in their car seats.

Don't leave your children in the car while you go into a store. This rule goes for animals also.

Always watch your children and know what they are doing at all times while they are playing outside.

Teach your children not to play in or around cars or in the garage.

Lock your car doors and keep the keys out of the reach of children.

Be aware of old vehicles in the neighborhood and talk to the owners to get them towed or fixed. If they do not respond call the city ordinance office to see what you have to do to get the car tagged for removal.

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