About Heavy Equipment Training in Georgia

By Jennifer Eblin

  • Overview

    Heavy equipment training shows students how to use the larger pieces of equipment that they will encounter on a job site. This includes, but is not limited to the excavator, wheel loader and skid steer. The state of Georgia has a need for individuals with this type of training to work on new construction and the restoration of older buildings.
  • The National Guard

    While many people consider the National Guard military only, it actually offers training in heavy equipment and actively recruits all across the state of Georgia. Those who enter the heavy equipment program spend four to 12 weeks learning about the trade and learning how to operate the different types of machinery. The students work both in the classroom and in the field on the specific machines. The National Guard assists graduating students with job placement.
  • Gwinnett Technical College

    Gwinett Technical College is located in Lawrenceville, Georgia, and offers two different types of heavy machinery programs. One is the basic machinery operator program and the other is the machine tool technology program. Upon completion of either program, students are awarded a certification from the school. Grinders, lathes and saws are some of the smaller tools the students work on and they also have access to other larger pieces of equipment. Students can take other courses outside the program as well.

  • West Central Technical College

    West Central Technical College offers a two-year degree program in working with heavy machinery or a shorter certificate depending on the program chosen by the student. Located in Waco, Georgia, the school is used by many construction companies to find new employees and train existing employees. The two-year program culminates in the machine tool technology degree, while the shorter program grants students the basic machine operators certificate. Both programs let the students work with larger and smaller pieces of equipment.
  • Atlanta Technical College

    Located in Atlanta, Georgia, the Atlanta Technical College prepares students for a life in the construction field. Students in the diesel equipment technology program learn how to use equipment needed to work on and maintain diesel engines. They also learn skills relating to the use of larger pieces of equipment. Students also have the option of taking courses in the carpentry program where they focus on learning about smaller tools. The culmination results in a two-year degree in the technology field.
  • Georgia School of Construction

    The Georgia School of Construction is one of the schools accredited and approved by the National Association of Heavy Equipment Training Schools. The school places students inside a specially created area that looks exactly like a construction job site. There they learn how to operate pieces of heavy equipment, including backhoes, diggers and bulldozers. The school also has a resource center that helps students find a job upon completion of their training. Students can take classes relating to the operation of cranes as well.
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