About Heavy Equipment Training in Louisiana

By Jennifer Eblin

  • Overview

    Heavy equipment operators are called upon to work with machines used every day in construction projects. After the destruction of Hurricane Katrina as well as other smaller storms, Louisiana has had a serious need for these individuals. The only people who can operate these pieces of machinery are the ones who are licensed to do so by taking the appropriate courses.
  • Louisiana Machinery

    Working in conjunction with Caterpillar, Louisiana Machinery offers some heavy equipment training courses. These courses are only open to those companies that purchased Caterpillar products in the past because the students are trained on the company's specific pieces. They have three different levels of training available, starting with competent operator training. The next step is professional training and then students can take the final course and receive their professional certification to use the specific types of equipment.
  • Louisiana Technical College

    The Louisiana Technical College has a new program called the Heavy Equipment Operator Training Program. They have five campuses in the state, including Port Allen and Baton Rogue. Students enrolled in the two-year program take courses that teach them how to operate different types of heavy equipment including bulldozers and other forms of construction and industrial equipment. The work culminates in an associate's degree in the field. Alternatively, students can opt to take classes only in the types of equipment they use in their current job.


    The National Association of Heavy Equipment Training Schools is another option for those living in Louisiana. Students take courses at three different levels, including one and two as well as the crane, or they can take courses from only one of those options. The coursework focuses students on basics such as staying safe and using simple tools on the job. They then work up to the larger pieces of equipment and receive help finding a job once they complete their coursework.
  • Delta School

    Students interested in learning more about heavy equipment training in Louisiana can take courses through the Delta School of Business and Technology. Located in Lake Charles, this school focuses on two-year programs, with an emphasis on technology and construction professions. Equipment operation and equipment installation are two of the programs offered here. Students learn not only how to work the larger pieces of machinery, but how to do other jobs they'll face in their future jobs.
  • Delgado Community College

    Delgado Community College in New Orleans is a two-year college, with a large number of programs relating to construction. Students have the option of finishing their associate's degree or taking only a few courses that are required by their employer. It also offers a general studies degree for those students who plan on transferring to another school later. Its students not only train on heavy equipment and the operation of those pieces, but also on the operation of machinery used in electronics fields.
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