Heavy Equipment Training in Ontario

By Jennifer Eblin

  • Overview

    With the construction field booming in Ontario, there's always a need for workers with heavy equipment training. Those individuals attend courses and learn how to properly operate the machines prior to setting foot on the job site. Companies want employees that are already trained as opposed to those who need training. Several schools in Ontario offer this option.

    The OETIO, or Operating Engineers Training Institute of Ontario, is the most highly rated heavy equipment training school in the area. Students working in their program use real-life machines, but begin their training by working on simulators that mimic the machines. The school has two programs: a crane training program in Oakville and a heavy equipment program in Morrisburg. It also offers specific courses designed for those working with one of the local labor unions.
  • OTD

    The Ontario Truck Driving School, or OTD, offers courses tailored to specific types of heavy equipment. Students take courses on the specific machine or machines they need as opposed to training on a variety of machines at one time. The skid steer, front end loader, chaining loader and scraper are all examples of the heavy equipment they train students to work on. It also offers an all-inclusive program that covers all the different machines for those students who need it.

  • TTCC

    The Transport Training Center of Canada, or TTCC, is a school located in Canada that's devoted to teaching students the basics of operating heavy equipment and machinery. Its heavy equipment operator program allows students to work directly with the machines that they'll be using on the job in the future. Instead of using simulators, teachers take students out into the field to work on the machines and learn the basic skills they need. The school has a branch in Ontario.
  • IHE

    The Interior Heavy Equipment School Ltd., or IHE, begins a new series of courses every Monday, meaning that students can enroll at anytime they need. Courses range from instruction on specific machines such as cranes and loaders to an intensive program that works on all types of equipment. Most programs run only a few weeks, while the more intensive programs last 12 weeks. Students work directly on full-size equipment like they'd find on a job site and earn practical seat time while finishing their studies.
  • Muskoka Training

    Muskoka Training is the name of a heavy equipment operating school located in Canada and accredited by the Ontario Ministry of Education and Training. Each class is purposefully kept small so that students feel comfortable learning the information and asking any questions they might have. Students work inside a faux job site, where they learn how to work on the machines in the same setting they'll face in the real world. Loaders, excavators and graders are all covered by this school.
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