All About Helmut Lang

Helmut Lang's creative eye for simple style has made him evolve into one of the most distinct fashion designers today.

Helmut Lang's original intentions to become a businessman were unlikely to be correlated with his unknowing aim to become an icon in the fashion industry.Nonetheless, he did become a savvy businessman in a world where his design talent outshines most.

Since the opening of his first studio in 1977 in his hometown of Vienna, Austria, Helmut Lang has been known for minimalist style and fresh innovations on modern couture.His first collection in the mid 1980's drew attention upon himself as he presented a line of boldly understated ready to wear fashion.His recognition grew and he presented both women's and men's fashions in Paris in two consecutive years.Lang eventually reached iconic status around the world and his creative vision sprouted influence in other European designers such as Dries Van Noten and Dirk Bikkembergs.

Lang's designs are remarkably recognizable and stand out with such futuristic clarity.More often than not, he utilizes the plainest colors in the spectrum of earth tones: white, khaki, gray and black.While urbanizing these basic colors, he straps on flashes of bold colors and connects precise offbeat cuts and accessories to provide a marvelous runway spectacle.Oftentimes, Lang makes the most out of the mistakenly dull neutral colors in his designs by contrasting the texture of the fabrics.In many designs he offsets sheer with opaque or a lustrous silk with a glossy counterpart to create fine pieces.His consistency remains unpredictable as he constructs contemporary lean and sleek looks in each of his lines.Although many of his items remain exclusive, Lang decided to broaden his consumer base by producing an edgy collection of jeans and underwear.This not only gave him more prestige as a designer, but it also proved his common sensibility as a businessman. Among his ready to wear items, the most popular piece he created was the clingy T-shirt.The phenomenally form fitting trademark item soon became a trend around the world with Lang being dubbed as the pioneer.Whether it is color, textiles or precision tailoring, his originality sets no boundaries with any aspect of his clothing.His artistically mindful eye in the world of fashion gives him the ability to transform the bare necessities of fashion into a work that is contemporarily extraordinary.With each collection, he puts his own personal twist on modern trends to make them timelessly discreet, yet appealing to the stylistic eye.

Lang, much like his designs, likes to remain low key and out of the public eye.Unfortunately, this is a hard task to accomplish when you are a sought after designer dressing stars like Billy Bob Thornton and Courtney Love.Since the launch of his line, he has flourished in fashion popularity.His flagship store in Vienna remains a distributor of his fine products to stores all over the world including his boutiques in Munich, Milan, Paris, New York and Tokyo. In 2000, Lang outshined fashion hard hitters Kenneth Cole and Marc Jacobs when the Council of Fashion Designers of America honored him as the "Menswear Designer of the Year".With an endless list of accomplishments, Lang's aesthetic outlook on the neutrality of couture has developed him into one of the top designers of simplistic elegance.

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