Is It Helpful To Break A Project Down Into Tasks Instead Of Tackling It All?

Is it helpful to break a project down into tasks instead of tackling it all? Breaking a cleaning project into smaller tasks is helpful in organizing a house full of clutter. When it comes to starting the...

When it comes to starting the process of home organization, one is tempted to try to get everything done at once. But it is helpful to break a project down into tasks instead of tackling it all; especially with a large venture, such as organizing a cluttered home. The old proverb: "The journey of a thousand miles begins with one small step" translates in home organization into: "The path to an orderly home starts with one small shelf or pot rack or filing cabinet...."

Lorie Marrero, who is the owner of "LivingOrder", a professional organization company that creates organizing solutions for homes and businesses, offers this advice when developing a home organization strategy, "What we tell people is, (that) it is important to get a comprehensive view of your situation first. Like any system, everything is connected. If you don't pay attention to how the clothes are stored in your bedroom, that's going to affect your laundry system. When you go to put the clothes away, there isn't going to be anywhere to put them..." Or buying a new dishwasher might save you on time, but then must figure out where else to store any of the things that the cupboards you need to rip out currently house.

Even though it may seem like a daunting task to figure everything out, Lorie says, "Everything is comprehensive, but as long as you kind of step back and look at that first and then break that down into manageable chunks and so on, it is a great way to do it.
Sometimes that is the only way to do it if you are working long hours and you just have little parcels of time that you can devote to keep your home organized."

The key to completing any project is the all important list. Even this can be done in stages. Sit down and record the basic goals you wish to accomplish, room by room. Then get into more specifics, such as storage ideas and other things you have to have to meet those goals. Finally, catalog all of the materials that need to purchase and/or acquire to put the plan into action. This list should be hung in a visible place, not only to keep you motivated but also so you have easy access to it if you need to add any last minute things. You could also keep a copy of it in a small notepad which can be carried with you on visits to the home improvement store or other places of research.

Next, you need to figure out a time-table in which you will be able to accomplish everything on your list. This can be tweaked as you progress in your home organization, to accommodate unforeseen events or just plain over-optimism. Do not get discouraged if you fall behind but do not fall into your old procrastinating ways either. Just remember that this is a learning process and you will gain more knowledge as you go along.

If you are still overwhelmed, there is always the option of considering consulting someone like Lorie, who offers this one last tip: "Of course, hiring an organizer is a great way to help yourself get organized!"

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