Helping Your Child Learn To Share

If you have problems with your child and sharing these tips may help.

Are you having problems with your child not sharing with his siblings or even with friends who might drop by, I have a few suggestions that may be of help.

First of all, this is very normal for a child not to want to share, especially a favorite book or toy.

Try to get your children involved in playing games and sharing the games, perhaps ones that require two people, maybe checkers or even a video game where two might play. Teach them to share colors, and also craft supplies when making projects at home. This gives a child some practice in sharing.

Sometimes young children don't think anything is actually their own, as other children take them to play with, parents may take items from them if they are bad, and then they grow to learn that nothing is their own and tend to get very possessive on a certain toy, etc. Every child needs to have a certain amount of things that are just his, certain toys, books, etc. just to having a feeling of owning something, this is very important.

Teach your children to take turns: say one child wants to watch a certain video and there is only one televion and one VCR then one will have the choice of watching a movie with the other until it is his turn to pick the movie, then the other child will also have that same choice to watch or not to watch... this will teach sharing.

Give one child a choice, ask them if they would like to share a favorite toy with a sibling, asking their permission sometimes allows them to choose to share, not all the time, but it does happen.

If you are having a friend over with children and you know there will be problems with sharing sit down and talk to your child and tell him that you would really like for him to share, perhaps his game, with another child and that when they have shared and the child goes home the game will still be owned by him, the other child won't be taking it home.

Sharing is something a child learns by your teaching him, and by examples of his older brothers and sisters sharing. It takes time and sure he won't share all the time but it will get better as he matures.

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