Herbal Body Butter Recipe

Try this herbal recipe for homemade body butter that will smooth the worst case of dry skin and is inexpensive to make. It can be customized to contain only the ingredients you choose.

Since the times of ancient Rome when cold cream was first invented, people have been pampering their skin with rich lotions. These moisturizing souffl├ęs lock in vital moisture and soothe skin that has grown dry from neglect and harsh conditions. When added to the mix, herbs can contribute even greater benefits to a basic body lotion. Manufacturers, who have not overlooked the point, have begun marketing their own lines of herbal body butters in recent years. While undoubtedly effective, these products can be very expensive and contain preservatives that some people would rather avoid. For those of us who want to pamper our skin but have monetary or ecological drawbacks to store-bought lotions, the following body butter lotion is an ideal solution to the problem. It costs only pennies to make and can be customized to contain only the ingredients you find suitable.

Body Lotion's Purpose

At some point in our lives all of us are bound to experience at least one bout of dry skin. Our lifestyles and geography play a part in this, as do diet and genetics. For instance, a cold climate can suck all of the moisture out of even the supplest skin. Shaving can lead to dry legs, which in turn leads to irritation and uncomfortable itching. And how many of us manage to eat perfectly and drink the recommended six to eight glasses of water every single day? The purpose of body lotion is to make up for bad habits and conditions by replenishing and holding in skin's moisture. The result is a more beautiful and healthy body. For the woman who wants to stop hiding her ashy elbows and flaky legs, body butter is a must-have item in the medicine cabinet.


The basic composition of any lotion, whether it is a light facial moisturizer or rich body lotion, is a blend of oil and water. Of course, every grade school child knows that these two items do not mix. However, lotions have a secret ingredient that can defy this law of nature: the emulsifier. This item, when heated and blended with water and oil, holds the two together. The most common and easily accessible emulsifier is beeswax, a natural secretion produced by bees after they eat honey. You can purchase beeswax at larger craft stores for around $2.50 per pound. If the price deters you, just remember that a pound of beeswax is enough to make well over one hundred batches of lotion. Borax, an alkali commonly used for softening laundry water, works alongside beeswax to preserve the lotion.

To make an effective body butter, you will need a variety of nourishing vegetable oils. My favorites include olive oil, avocado oil, jojoba oil, all of which are rich in vitamins necessary for beautiful skin. If you cannot locate any of these at the grocery store, visit your local health food store. I should caution you that the latter two oils are a bit pricey, but you only need about a teaspoon of each for this recipe. Shop around for the best bargain or look online for deals. If you want to make more lotion later, all of these oils will keep for months if stored in a cool dark place.

Since no herbal body butter would be complete without the herbs, we will now discuss beneficial additives that are available from Mother Nature. This recipe contains two of the best plants for the skin: rose and yarrow. Rose petals not only have a lovely fragrance but also soften rough skin. Yarrow flowers soothe irritated skin and impart their own delicate scent to this blend. To add them to your lotion, you will need to make floral water. You can do this by bringing a cup of water nearly to a boil, adding a tablespoon of the dried herb, and covering the blend. Let the herbs steep for twenty minutes. Finally, strain out the solids and bottle your floral water. You can buy these herbs at health food stores or grow your own.


To begin making your body butter, combine one cup of floral water and a quarter of a teaspoon of borax in a microwave-safe dish. In a second such dish, mix one teaspoon of olive oil, one teaspoon of avocado oil, two-thirds of a teaspoon of jojoba oil, and two teaspoons of finely grated beeswax. Heat this blend in the microwave until it is completely liquefied. Now, heat the floral water blend for about a minute, making sure that the borax dissolves. Pour the water mixture into the oil and beeswax blend and stir constantly until it becomes firm. Scoop your lotion into a clean jar with and cap it once it is cool. Your handmade herbal body butter is now ready to enjoy!

This recipe will nourish your skin as well as the most expensive lotions available for a fraction of the price. Its combination of rich oils and soothing herbs makes it the perfect remedy for dehydrated bodies. Each night before bed, massage it into any areas that feel dry. You will wake up with noticeably softer, smoother skin. After trying it, you will want to make this recipe for everyone you know.

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