Hiccups: Different Methods To Cure Them

Can't get rid of your hiccups? Try one of these methods.

We all get them and yet we have no idea where they come from or why they even occur. You can talk to anybody and they will bombard you with surefire methods to rid yourself of the annoying hiccups that sometimes never seem to go away. Researchers have studied them and understand that hiccups are simply involuntary spasms that occur in the diaphragm. However, there is no magic pill or solution you can take that will cause them to dissipate. Most times, you never even realize that you are no longer hiccuping until you think to yourself, "Hey, I haven't hiccuped in a while." Although there is no hiccup cure that works on every single person one hundred percent of the time, here is a compilation of some cures that have worked on others.

Some hiccup curing enthusiasts swear up and down that by creating a mock "drowning" situation, hiccups can be miraculously cured. The people devoted to this cure believe that by recreating a safe drowning sensation, the body automatically relaxes the muscles that are in spasm mode in order to focus on getting air into the person's lungs. There are essentially two different methods you can try. Fill a glass with normal tap water. Next, hold your breath and pinch your nostrils together to prevent breathing. Take fifteen drinks of the water while maintaining this position and your hiccups may be cured. The second way to attempt this "drowning" method is to exhale completely. Let all the air out of your lungs and then allow yourself to swallow anywhere from ten to twenty times (do not go past any type of discomfort) until the hiccups have gone away.

Another hiccup curing method involving a glass of water is a little more simple. Fill a glass of water with normal tap water and simply take small sips of the water for a full minute. After sixty seconds, the hiccups should be long gone.

It seems that older generations believed in the power of sugar. They would get a spoonful of sugar and place it on the tip of their tongue letting it slowly dissolve. I have two grandmothers and a mother who swear by this method. There is yet to be a rationale for the amazing power of the hiccup-curing sugar, but many people believe in its strength to cure hiccups once and for all.

A cure that I have heard of that sounds strange but has a whole league of followers involves only the strength of the mind. It sounds simple, but many people agree that it has worked wonders for them. The technique goes something like this. After you have hiccuped, focus on the next hiccup that is to come. It is not enough to simply think of the next hiccup. You must completely focus on the next hiccup. If you do, it will not come, according to those who say this method works for them.

Some other quick methods to get rid of hiccups that you may want to try are having a friend startle you, drinking a soda or other carbonated beverage (to force you to burp out the hiccups) and breathing in and out of a paper bag (like you might do when hyperventilating).

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