Hints For Doing Laundry

Hints on doing laundry. From separating colors from whites, to bleach for hard water. What tricks and techniques do you use?

The first trick to laundry is not waiting too long in between loads, especially if you have to go to a Laundromat. Designate a hamper, or clothes basket, and every time it fills up go do laundry. There is a simple list of supplies that you will need: a colored pillowcase, a white pillowcase, and laundry soap. If your water has iron in it, then you need iron out and bleach. Remember, if you go to a Laundromat, bring quarters.

First, separate the colors from the whites. If you have something gray and it is new, put it in the color section, otherwise put it in with the whites. All fragile clothing, such as lingerie, dresses, and beaded items should go in the appropriate pillowcase (either white or colored). Tie the pillowcase at the top. Next, add a cap full of soap to your washing machine and start the machine. Use hot water for whites and cold water for colors. Remember to select the appropriate load size on the machine.

If you have iron in your water, then add the appropriate dose of iron out, and a cup of bleach to the machine as it is filling up. Once the basin is full, then slowly add your clothes into the machine, carefully stringing it around so that the weight is evenly proportioned throughout the machine. Don't fill up the machine. You should allow three inches below the lid of the machine.

Now start the machine and allow it to run. After it has completed its full cycle, first pull out your tied up pillow case. All items which may wrinkle should be immediately hung up to dry. Fragile items such as lingerie should be laid on a rack in order to dry. Next, remove all of the clothes from the washing machine (except the previously mentioned fragile items) and place them into the dryer. Dryer sheets are optional at this stage. Allow the clothes to dry until they feel dry but not scorched.

Be careful not to put "dry-clean only" items into the washing machine or dryer. Also make sure that you don't ever use hot water with colors for it will cause them to bleed. If you ever wash something with leather or suede on it, then turn it inside out and place it in a pillow case to lesson the chances of abrasion. If in doubt, either hand wash it or dry-clean it.

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