A Historical Site And Museum Guide For Providence

Learn about some of the most prominent historical sites and museums in Providence that showcase American history.

For more than three hundred years, Providence, Rhode Island has been a prominent city in America. Today, you can find many historic sites and museums in Providence that are rich in early American history. If you take the time to explore some of the historic locations in Providence, you will find that the experience will enrich your knowledge and your life.

In 1786, John Brown began building a house of brick and brownstone on a hill that overlooked Providence. The impressive mansion was much admired by everyone who saw it. Over the years the John Brown house was remodeled and redecorated, but it still remained one of the most upstanding homes in all of New England. In 1941, the John Brown house was donated to the Rhode Island Historical Society. The Society completely restored the home to its original state, reproducing the style the house had featured when it was first built. Today the John Brown house can be viewed by the public and is a fine representation of Colonial history in America.

The Providence Athenaeum was founded in 1753 and is one of the oldest libraries in the country. This grand and elegant library houses 158,000 books of all types. The Providence Athenaeum has the look and feel of a 19th century library, and will impress both lovers of history and lovers of books alike. Feel free to bring your children to see the two full rooms of children's literature that this library features.

Also located in Providence is the First Baptist Church in America. Built in 1775, this historic church was made for the congregation established by Puritan dissenters in 1638. This house of worship was beautifully crafted with a rich carved wood interior and an awing Waterford crystal chandelier. Guided tours are available at different times throughout the year. Be sure to call for the exact times. Otherwise, this beautiful church can be toured without guidance during regular visiting hours.

For a complete collection of Rhode Island history and interesting facts about the smallest state in the United States of America, visit Rhode Island's capitol building in Providence. The Rhode Island State House boasts the first unsupported marble dome in the nation. This grand structure alone is worth a visit to the Rhode Island State House, but at this location you will also find famous American artifacts like the Gilbert Stuart portrait of George Washington and the Royal Charter of 1663.

Providence also offers the delicious opportunity to visit the Culinary Archives and Museum at Johnson and Wales University. Here you will find 36,000 square feet of visiting space filled with exhibits that portray a complete culinary history. Explore the beginnings of dining in America when lunches were hauled around Providence in wagons in the late 19th century. Learn about such culinary facts as what cuisine has been cooked at the White House and what relation there has been between food and politics in American history. The museum is full of culinary artifacts from many periods in history, from Colonial cookbooks to cast iron stoves.

Providence is full of interesting and educational places to visit. Be sure to do your research and plan ahead so you can visit as many historic sites and museums in this city as possible.

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