The History Of The Bible And Different Versions

Interested in the different Bible version? This article is on the history of the Bible and includes the different versions.

Okay, you have decided that you are going to read the Bible for yourself. You have spent a lifetime listening to what everyone else has to say about God. You have taken college courses about "Religions of the World." Now it is time to buckle down and get serious about a very important matter -- the God of the Bible.

At the book store you are struck by number of choices you have to make. Besides the red letter print, with the words of Jesus in red, and the large-print Bible - the white-leather Sunday school version and the paperback "Living Bible," you must choose from around ten different versions. Whatever version you select will have its own particular "slant" on the word of God, and if you are like me, you would like the "true" one.

llowing is a little primer on different Bible versions.

Early English Translations & Versions

The "Venerable Bede" is reported to have made the first translation of the Bible into a language used in England during the VIII century. He is credited with at least translating portions of the gospel of John and his translation was attested to by others. In the following two centuries there appeared a few more incomplete translations. One of them is the so-called "Alfred version" (reputedly by King Alfred) and was of some of the Psalms.

Modern Translations

The "King James Version" (KJV) was authorized by King James I of England in 1604 as a new translation of the Bible. It was intended to be a comprehensive revision of the Bishops Bible (published in 1568) and was to incorporate comparisons of the Greek text of Erasmus and the Hebrew Masoretic texts and earlier English translations. A group of 47 translators began in 1607 with this monumental task, and they completed it in 1611. It is also referred to as "The Authorized Version" or AV, and it became the standard translation among English speaking Protestants. It was the most popular Bible until 1987, and is still widely used and preferred by many.

Darby Translation

This Bible was translated by John Nelson Darby in 1890. Darby was an Anglo-Irish Bible teacher and was associated with the early years of the Plymouth Brethren.

American Standard Version

This Bible was first published in 1901 and is regarded as the most literal English translation of the Bible. It is a very popular Bible for Bible studies. The "American Standard" translators incorporated older "eastern manuscripts" which have become the basis for most modern English translations, whereas the King James Version was entirely from "western manuscripts."

Revised Standard Version(RSV)

The Revised Standard version is a revision of the "Authorized Version," or the "King James Version" of 1611 and of the "American Standard Version" of 1901. In an attempt to provide great accuracy, the best ancient texts available at the time were used.

New International Version(NIV)

In 1965 work on the "New International Version" of the Bible was begun and it was translated by over 100 scholars using currently available Hebrew, Aramaic and Greek texts. The goal for this version was to produce an accurate translation that would have clarity and literary quality. It was completed in 1978.

New American Standard Bible(NASB)

While trying to preserve the literal accuracy of the 1901 ASV while attempting to update the grammar and terminology, the "New American Standard Version" came into existence. It is a revision of the old ASV.

The New King James Version

In 1979 this newer translation of the original "King James Version" was published. Although this version did not really win the approval of the general public, it was designed to make a modern translation that reminds people of the KJV and answers the criticism of the post-1881 translations.

Now that we have covered that very basics of information regarding Bible versions, here are a few more modern Bibles from which you can choose! Check at your local Christian bookstore, or order from the Internet. Find them by doing a word search. There is something for everyone!

The Full Life Study Bible(NIV and KJV)

"...Developed especially for Spirit-filled Christians."

The Leadership Bible(NIV)

"offers both a defining purpose beyond the temporal "bottom line" thinking of society and a relevant model for contemporary leadership."

The NIV Women's Devotional Bible 2

"A shower of brand new devotions in another edition of the best-selling Bible for women."

Teen Study Bible "" Revised Edition (NIV)

"Want to get teenagers into the Bible? Give them a Bible that speaks to their world."

The Collegiate Devotional Bible (NIV)

"College-age students will find a compass for making life choices in this NIV devotional Bible"

The Student Serendipity Bible (NIV)

"Bible Helps Youth Leaders Prepare Effectively"

The Christian Growth Study Bible

"Discover Your Personal Path Toward Knowing God and Making Him Known"

The African-American Devotional Bible

"300 Daily Devotions from Prominent African-American Christians"

and more still........!

The Living Insights Bible

The Journey - NIV

The Quest Study Bible

The Mommy & Me Story Bible

The New International Reader's Version (NIrV)

The NIrV Kid's Study Bible

The NIV Senior's Devotional Bible The Teen Study Bible

The Men's Devotional Bible

The Women's Devotional Bible 1

The Student Bible

The NIV Life Application Bible

The New Adventure Bible

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