What Is The History Of Hand Painted Ceramic Tiles?

What is the history of hand painted ceramic tiles? They started making decorative tiles in the Medieval period. In Islamic countries, they have been using glazed colored tiles for a thousand years. In the...

In the Medieval period, they started making decorative tiles with different colored clay rather than hand painting them. They used these tiles inside churches, cathedrals, monasteries, and palaces in Europe. In Islamic countries, they have been using brightly glazed colored tiles for about a thousand years now. Some of those are hand painted with designs. Actually, those designs are of things that are quite common, and very beautiful. Then the Italians developed this Majaloca glaze. They did a lot of tiles including hand painted tiles. This really started in Italy. Artists depicted biblical scenes and mythical scenes. This tradition was taken over to Holland, where they have the whole Delft blue and white ceramic industry. They do a lot of blue and white tiles. That started in the 17th Century, and they are still doing that now. There is still a very strong tradition in Holland of painting blue and white tiles with all sorts of scenes. Spain has quite a long history of hand painted tiles using Majaloca glazes as well. In Britain, the last two hundred years really have seen quite a lot of hand painted tiles, especially in the Victorian era. Decorative tiles were very popular with pictures on tile murals. People liked to use them in their hallways. A lot of Victorian houses have tiled hallways with quite complicated designs or pictures of classical scenes.

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