The History Of Hershey's Chocolate

Have you ever wondered where Hershey's chocolate came from? Read here to find out the history of Milton Hershey, his company, and his chocolate.

Did you know that 80 million Hershey's Kisses are produced a day? For many Americans, the word Hershey's has become a family name. But just how and when did this chocolate legacy start? Read this article to find out the history of Hershey's chocolate.

Milton Hershey was born in Pennsylvania in 1857 to two Mennonite parents. He was raised on a farm, but the family moved frequently. He attended no school past the fourth grade, but instead was placed as the apprentice to a chocolate maker at the age of eighteen. He proceeded to open factories in New York, Chicago and Philadelphia, before hitting a resounding success with the Lacashire Caramel Corporation. His heart was not in caramel however. Hershey became fascinated with the fine instruments used to make chocolates in Germany and Belgium. He sold his caramel business for one million dollars, an incredible amount at the time, and reinvested the capital into a chocolate factory and the research of chocolate.

Hershey built a chocolate factory in Hershey, Pa, at the conclusion of his experiments. It was an immediate success. He also included homes for his workers in the surrounding town, a transport system, aid for schools and specialized doctors. Working for him was a dream job in early America. Eventually, his vision expanded to build a park for the town, a place which soon became the famous Hershey Park.

Hershey's philanthropy became the center of his life after the creation of the park. He opened a school for orphan boys that received great acclaim. Finally, he left his entire legacy to the Hershey schooling system, before passing away in 1945 at age 88.

Today, Hershey, PA, continues to expand as a tourist attraction. It contains a hotel, several thousand swimming pools and a booming population. Tourists can play in the park, or tour the chocolate factory at designated hours during the day. Hershey's Kisses are world-famous, and can be seen in Beijing, Russia and the Virgin Islands, among other places.

Hershey's success in chocolate lies in his recipe. First, chocolate beans are roasted and cleaned. Then, they are shelled and ground until they become pure chocolate syrup. Cocoa butter is taken from some of the chocolate, leaving a pure cake to be ground as drinking cocoa. In another part of the process, to make chocolate bars, milk and sugar are mixed, then the chocolate syrup is added. Cocoa butter is added and then the mixture is spun to make it smooth. Then the mixtures are poured into bar molds, and sent through a cooling tunnel to cool down. What comes next? The label! At the end of this process, Hershey's has an award-winning chocolate bar.

It is clear that Hershey's will be popular into the future. The company, dedicated to the ideals of its founder, will also continue to use its profits for philantropic purposes. In a trust set up in Hershey's name, the Hershey corporation also allows trusts and bond to be taken out in its name. Hershey, Pa, will be a family haven for a long time to come.

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