The History Of Lent

Discover the rich history behind the Lent Season.

The Lenten Season is observed for 40 days, begining on Ash Wednesday and extending to midnight on the day before Easter, omitting Sundays. The first Sunday of Lent is called Passion Sunday and the Last Sunday is Palm Sunday. The week preceding Easter is called Holy Week.

The original meaning of Lent is "holy spring". Traditionally, it was a time of preparation. Christians have used Lent as a time to prepare themselves for Easter by asking God to show them their failures and by repenting of their wrong doings. Also, it was at this time of year that the Early Church instructed new converts in theology and church doctrine to prepare them for Baptism that would take place on Easter. Consequently it was both a time of learning about the Christian faith as well as a time of self-examination and soul-searching that included repentance, self-denial, prayer, and fasting.

The Lenten season is a time for new beginnings. We should consider it a time of spiritual spring-cleaning; a challenge to forsake evil in our lives and turn back to God. It is also a time to reflect on Christ's journey to the cross ending at the Resurrection. Let's use this time wisely and let it draw us closer to our Lord as we remember his great love and sacrifice for us.

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