What Is The History Of Santa Claus?

Who exactly is Santa Claus and why do we give so freely during the Christmas Holiday?

Santa Claus: Is he a myth or a man? Could Santa Claus be an actual part of our history? There are many questions about the spirit know as Santa Claus. A child's belief in this particular spirit is as strong as their belief in world happiness and peace. If we could look at Santa Claus through the eyes of a child, we would probably see a man who makes people all over the world happy. To a child, just the thought of Santa Claus could make them overcome with silliness and giggles. Santa Claus brings a special happiness to children and adults throughout the holiday season. The belief in one man delivering joy is strong enough to make some people forget their problems or anger and feel peace, even if it is just for one day.

Stories about a man called Santa Claus have been told throughout the years in different parts of the world. The story of Santa Claus supposedly originated overseas where a man named St. Nicholas would give candy and small toys to children each year on the night before Christmas. The children would leave their shoes out on their front porch and in the morning they would find their shoes filled with candy and toys. In the United States though, this spirit is known as Santa Claus. In other countries, Santa Claus is known by other names associated with the stories told in each country.

The basic myth about Santa Claus is this: on the night before Christmas, Santa Claus visits the homes of all of the good boys and girls. He leaves them presents under the tree and fills their stockings with goodies. When the children awaken, they find all of the gifts that Santa Claus has left them. Most children who know the tale of Santa Claus believe that if they are on their best behavior all year long then they will receive whatever gifts they ask for. Some even go as far as mailing a letter to Santa Claus containing their wish list of presents. They upon Christmas morning, they are surprised to open most of what they had asked for.

Most parents pass on the story of Santa Claus to their children from birth. Then their children grow up believing in the spirit of Santa Claus and pass it on to their children. Adults love to see the expression on their children's faces as they see the presents under the tree on Christmas morning. It gives them a feeling of happiness.

That is why the spirit of Santa Claus lives on today and will probably continue throughout the ages. The belief in Santa Claus is that strong, especially among children. Adults might not necessarily believe in the man but they do believe in the spirit. To believe in Santa Claus is to believe in giving, love and unselfishness. Christmas time is the one time each year where almost everyone all over the world gives to one another. It is the season of unselfishness. So the spirit of Santa Claus is the spirit of love.

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