The History Of The Savannah Sand Gnats

What is the history behind the Savannah Sand Gnats? What is the tradition behind this baseball team?

Professional baseball has been part of life in Savannah, Georgia, since 1903. The Savannah Sand Gnats have an interesting history and have been playing Class A minor-league baseball for decades. The Sand Gnats is one of the original members of the South Atlantic League, a professional league that has mostly clubs in southern cities as members. The Sand Gnats began playing in Grayson Stadium in 1941, when the brick structure was constructed. Grayson Stadium calls Daffin Park home, the second largest park in Savannah. The park is lined with oak and pine trees that have Spanish moss hanging from their branches.

The Sand Gnats became part of the Los Angeles Dodgers major league baseball organization in 1996. Throughout much of the club's history, it had been affiliated with the Atlanta Braves (just up the road a bit), and the St. Louis Cardinals. But starting in 1998, the club began its affiliation with the Texas Rangers ball club. The Sand Gnats throughout history have not performed incredibly well. But in the early 1990s they brought some league titles home to Grayson Stadium. The Sand Gnats won the South Atlantic League Championship in 1993, 1994, and 1996.

The mascot of the Savannah baseball team was an obvious choice. No visitor or resident to the city isn't aware of what a sand gnat is. It's practically the first thing you're introduced to when you arrive in the city. A sand gnat is a tiny insect that abounds in Savannah. These bugs attach to your skin and cut into your skin with their teeth. They then progress to take as much blood as they can get. And these insects are everywhere in town. So, that's the theory behind the baseball team: they'll sting you, draw your blood, and defeat you on the field.

The Sand Gnats play some 72 games at home each year. You can see a game at Grayson Stadium for a nominal fee and enjoy some ball park food like a Philly cheesesteak. The park often offers fireworks shows during the summer months, as well as special nights when you can get a free ball cap or seat cushion.

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