The History Of Tampa, Florida

Learn the history of Tampa, Florida! Tampa is a beautiful city that is growing by leaps and bounds. Thirty years ago Tampa was a small town but today it has over one million people and many attractions.

Tampa is located on the Gulf coast of Florida in the United States. The amount of changes and progress that this city has gone through over the past 30 years are amazing. There were not nearly as many people then and now the population in the Tampa Bay area is well over one million.

Tampa didn't have good roads and streets to drive on in the sixties but now it has the interstate highways, toll roads and nice neat city streets with palm trees and Crepe Myrtle trees planted along the roadside. In the sixties, the city had one major hospital, Tampa General, and a smaller hospital, St Joseph. Now, Tampa General Hospital is like a city within itself and has many people employed and it has extended branches in other areas of Tampa. Tampa has a wealth of good physicians in all areas of medicine with the University of South Florida teaching school of medicine producing many of the local phycicians.

Tampa has a diverse mix of different cultures and it also has a large community of Latin Americans that add a nice flavor to this beautiful city. In the Latin communities there are food markets that sell many kinds of delicious Latin food and ingredients to make Latin dishes. A favorite spanish meal in Tampa is Spanish rice, black beans , roasted pork and plantains.There are many restaurants that sell this spicy meal and it is enjoyed by many residents.

Tampa, at the present time is well known for the Buccaneer football team. Most of the city fully supports the football team. They have had a rough go at being the best team but now they are showing a lot of progress under the supervision of head coach Tony Dungy, who is probably the best coach that the Buccaneers ever had. Tampa has built a new stadium , The Raymond James Stadium that is a state of the art building that the Buccaneers and other teams are proud to play in. The city is also very proud of the Devil Rays and Tampa Bay Lightning, ice hockey and baseball team.

Tampa has many nice attractions such as Busch Gardens and Adventure Island. Busch Gardens is a beautiful park that has many unusual animals and rides with a monstrous roller coaster that turns and twirls the people around. It is amazing and it will give you the ride of your life. Busch Gardens has a lot of entertainment such as live bands that plays music from all over the world with beautiful birds and animals everyday. Adventure Island is a water park with beautiful pools of water in every shape imaginable. There is a pool especially for children that is huge and it has many kinds of water toys and the parents even get in these pools with their children. There is also The Water Rapids which are so neat! It looks like a winding canal of crystal clear deep water and the water is rapidly moving. Someone helps you get on a huge intertube and the moving water takes you all through the park and brings you back to the starting point. This is a favorite at Adventure Island.

Tampa also is proud of the Performing Arts Theater where many famous plays have been performed such as Cat's and The Phantom of the Opera.

MacDill Air Force base is located here in Tampa and it is one of the major military bases in the world and they also played a major role in The Desert Storm conflict.

This city also has one of the worlds major ports for exporting and importing and Tampa International Airport is another aspect of Tampa that thousands of tourists use each year.

Employment in Tampa is very good and there is never a shortage of jobs. There are people asking for help all the time and needing people with a variety of skills. The housing industry is booming in Tampa. There were not many nice homes in Tampa in the sixties but now new homes are going up every day and Tampa now has large communities spreading out into the country side with many new upscale homes. There was a time when the city had a very nice country side to take long drives to on a Sunday afternoon but now, you have to drive a long ways to find the countryside. Even so, these homes have added to the beauty of Tampa.

Tampa and the Tampa Bay area has some beautiful beaches and they are well kept because they are one of our main attractions and the beaches are all Gulf beaches. Clearwater beaches are very nice and clean and they have many visitors each year from all over the world. Anna Maria and the Long Boat Key Beaches are also very beautiful with snow white sand and crystal clear water.

As with all cities Tampa does have crime and a few bad neighborhoods but all in all it is kept under very good control . If you ever have a chance to visit Tampa , you won't be disapointed.

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