What Does HMR Stand for?

By Casey Holley

  • Overview

    HMR stands for Health Management Resources. This is a diet program based on achieving healthy weight loss, as opposed to a quick weight-loss solution. This program takes all aspects of a client's health into consideration when developing the personalized plan. There are a few different program options available to suit clients' individual needs.
  • Clinic-Based Programs

    Two of the HMR programs, the Decision Free program and the Healthy Solutions plan, are based in clinics. In these programs, the client takes part in individual counseling sessions and group meetings at one of the certified clinics, which are located throughout the United States. These programs are ideal for clients who have preexisting medical conditions or those who lack the self control and accountability necessary to complete the program.
  • Home-Based Programs

    HMR offers two home-based programs: Healthy Solutions and Healthy Shakes. Both of these programs are geared toward clients who have a solid support system at home and the will power to complete the program. The Healthy Solutions plan allows the client to eat two pre-made HMR entrees, three HMR shakes and five servings of fruits or vegetables per day. The Healthy Shakes program allows the client to drink three shakes, enjoy one healthy home-cooked meal and five servings of fruits and vegetables daily.

  • Special Clients

    The HMR program was developed by a team of doctors and nutritionists whose main goal was to help people who are at risk for chronic diseases. Because of this, the HMR diet program can easily be modified to fit most people's needs. For example, a female diabetic who is a vegan with 30 pounds to lose can participate in the program. A man with cancer who is on numerous prescriptions and is be- bound could have this diet program modified for him. The main reason for this is the amount of research that has gone into ensuring the diet is safe for all participants.
  • Additional Requirements

    The HMR program isn't based solely on the client's diet. Following an exercise program is an integral part of the program. This requirement involves cardiovascular exercises, stretching exercises and strength training. For clients on the clinic based program, an exercise regime is developed as part of the program. This enables the client to get the most out of the program.
  • Free Resources

    In an effort to help people who are unable or unwilling to pay for the HMR program, the HMR website offers free resources. These include healthy recipes, a tool to help people track their activity, a calorie counter and a list of small changes that can positively affect a diet program. The website even offers suggestions of healthy food substitutions for high fat, high calorie foods.
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