Hobbies: Scale Model Train Accessories

Some theme ideas using some of the many creative model railroading accessories that can be found at most hobby shops.

A fun theme you might add to your layout is a carnival. You can find all manner of carnival rides and related accessories at most hobby shops. Some of the rides are even motorized to add an extra layer of life to the layout. Set up one or two rides and a few ticket booths and a concession stand, which you can find in many unique and fun shapes. There are even game booths out there as well. Of course you can pick up packs of circus animals and entertainers to give the feel of activity. You will of course need to have participants in your carnival which are real easy to come by.

If you have a river or lake they make many accessories that can be fun for those who wish to have activity in the water. Fishermen and swimmers in a wide variety of poses are easy to find. They make various boats and water skiers and such. You even can find jumping fish to show that your body of water is full of life. Of course you can always find animals that are drinking to put at the side of your lake. A tree with a rope swing in it with kids swinging into the water might be just the fun addition that fits. There really are just endless themes out there that one can add to their layout.

Have a civil war battle recreation or a medieval festival take place on your layout. There are accessories for such things out there as well. In fact the amount of what is being made is so large that it really does seem as though the main limit is your own imagination.

A favorite scene in my layout is a group of scouts who are watching a mother bear and her cubs playing, unaware that the father bear is right behind them. Such scenes are real easy to put together by mixing and matching the various accessories that you can find at most any hobby shop.

Fun details can include mail boxes, bicycles, fire hydrants and even working street light. For a time I had a hot air balloon flying over my layout. With the large variety of pieces out there, just about any scene you can imagine can be done on your model railroad.

And if you can not find the accessories for a theme you desire, many accessories are generic enough that it should not take much work to create your own people for your layout that match whatever theme you can come up with.

For those who are more technology based than scenery based, there is plenty out there for you as well. The computer age has worked its way into model railroading. There are programs that will keep track of a train's loads and destination, although most people I know do not build layouts large enough for this to really be useful. But you can set tracks to automatically switch for different trains, which can be recognized by sensors around the layout.

One of the most enjoyable aspects of model railroading is to be able to create your world in the manner you see fit. There is a great amount of accessories out there for those who are creating their model railroad layouts. A simple trip to the hobby store can inspire one's creativity to new levels.

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