Hobby And Toys Cleaning And Caring For Your Model Toy Trains

This article gives an overview of the basic care and maintenance work necessary to keep your model train running for a long time.

Collecting and displaying model trains is a very popular hobby. This is reflected in the amount of information available about them. There are many benefits to this, including the accessibility of supplies, as well as ease in procuring replacement parts. The downside of this popularity is the fact that many times the information you find can be incorrect or designed for a different model of train. By taking a few minutes to acquaint yourself with some general rules for train care, you can definitely take care of the basics, and keep your model train running for a long time.

When you are cleaning your model train, you need to realize that there are two different areas to be concerned with: the electrical contacting surfaces, which include the rolling surfaces of the train, the contact rollers, the sliders and the track itself, and the general train surface. The electrical contacting surfaces need to be kept clean and free of grease or oil. Any type of buildup on these areas will act as an insulator and interfere with the electrical connection. Use a soft, clean, dust-free cloth dampened with train cleaner or an all-purpose household cleaner to keep these areas clean. The body of the train can be dusted or cleaned just as you would any item in your home, depending on the type of soil it has. Of course, it never hurts to be cautious, and a mild household cleaner works best in most situations. If there are greasy or oily smudges, or other problem areas, it is best just to spot-clean as needed.

Regular maintenance of your train and track will go a long way in increasing the life and enjoyment you get from the train. Rust on rails and rail pins should be lightly sanded off with a fine grade of sandpaper or even steel wool. This will restore the contact surface and provide you with a smoother running surface. All pins should be checked regularly, and any that are loose can be tightened with a pair of pliers. Missing pin can be easily replaced.

Oiling your trains moving parts is very important. Not only will this result in better running, but will also increase the life of your engine. To oil your train, you need to get out the owners manual, and find the points that the manufacturer recommends that you oil. In general, you will put a drop of oil on each of the moving parts of your train, but you should really exercise caution here, as too much oil is just as bad as none. If you do not have the instruction manual, you can use an internet search of your specific train (brand and model) to find the information that you need.

By conducting regular maintenance on your model train set, you will extend its life and your enjoyment of it. The most important thing to remember is to take your time. If you have a question about something, visit your local hobby store, or use a reputable online forum to find the answer to your questions.

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