Holiday Craft Guide: How To Make A Scarecrow

Create your own fall scarecrow by following the easy step by step directions.

The fall season conjures up images of brightly colored leaves, pumpkins, bales of hay out in the fields and scarecrows! If you're getting ready to set up a fall display and want to include a scarecrow, but aren't sure how to go about making one then read on!

Scarecrows are easy and fun to make. You'll need a few basic supplies, and a bit of imagination to create a great scarecrow that will make an ideal focal point for any fall display. You will need to following basic supplies to make your scarecrow: clothing, stuffing, a head, and accessories.

The clothing you choose for your scarecrow will determine his or her size and shape. For a basic scare crow you will need a long sleeved shirt and a pair of pants, boots or other shoes, and gloves for hands (hands can also be sewn out of burlap sacking fabric).You will need rope, twine, or a rug needle and yarn to assemble your scarecrow. There are many ways to embellish on this basic "˜costume'. For a thrifty scarecrow, use clothing items from around your house or purchase used clothing from a thrift store. Themed ideas and variations will be discussed a little later in this article.

You can use a variety of things for stuffing from newspaper to straw. However, more traditional stuffing like straw, hay, or leaves will look better. Using fallen leaves is a great way to clean up your yard, and have free stuffing for your scarecrow. Hay or straw can be purchased at feed stores and some garden supply stores.

Your scarecrows head can be made out of a variety of things. Some common items include pumpkins, large squash or gourds, clay pots (painted to resemble a face), and faces sewn out of burlap sacking. The list of accessories is literally endless and can range from a hat to a fishing pole depending on effect you wish to create! Use your imagination, or select one of the themes listed further down in this article.

Begin assembling your scarecrow by first stuffing the pants and shirt. Stuff the chest and arms of the shirt firmly, and the waist where it will join with the pants loosely. Stuff the legs of the pants firmly, again leaving the waist area stuffed looser. Join the pants and shirt together by strapping the pants onto the stuffed shirt with a belt, rope, or by hand stitching the two together with yarn and a rug needle. Your choice of hands should be stuffed and inserted into the ends of the sleeves and either tied or sewn on. The shoes can either be secured to the pants, or the ends of the pants can just be stuffed into the shoes. It isn't necessary to have "˜hands' and "˜feet'. Instead you can allow the straw, hay or leaves to extend out of end of the clothing. The type of head you use will depend on how sturdy your scarecrow is and where he will be positioned. You will need a sturdy scarecrow to support a pumpkin head. Scarecrows can be reinforced with a simple wooden cross made out of 2x4s. Or a scarecrow can be propped on bales of hay, a porch swing, or any other creative place you wish to position him! Burlap sacking can be made into a simple head by cutting a large square, stuffing with hay and tying off with a rope to create a rounded head. The head can then be tied or sewn on to the scarecrow.

Some fun themed ideas are:

Cowboy Scarecrow- Use a Western shirt, a vest, Wrangler jeans, and cowboy boots for this guy. Add cowboy accessories like a cowboy hat, a lasso, or spurs. Use other western themed decorations in your display like a saddle, a saddle blanket, a cow skull, barbed wire and cactus. If you feel creative you could even make a scarecrow horse!

Garden Scarecrow- Add a gardener's apron, gardening gloves for hands, gardening boots, and a big straw sun hat. Accessorize with baskets of vegetables (real or fake), a clay pot for a head, a watering can, gardening implements like a rake or shovel, a wheel barrow and potted flowers.

Fishing Scarecrow- Deck this guy or gal out in a fishing vest, tall wader boots, and a fishing hat. Accessorize with a fishing pole, a tackle box, a fish net and a string of fish (preferably not real ones!).

Hunter Scarecrow- Use a black and red flannel or camouflaged shirt, tall boots, and a hunters vest and hat for clothing. Add goggles around his neck, a fake gun, and a target or other hunting paraphernalia to the display.

Lady Scarecrow- Use flesh colored shirt and pants, add a dress over the shirt and pants. Use ladies shoes, a fancy hat, and ladies gloves to complete the outfit. Add costume jewelry, a purse, a parasol, a fan, etc. for accessories.

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