Holiday Crafts: Ideas For Decorating Glass Christmas Balls

Easy techniques for making beautiful Christmas tree ornaments and unique gifts at home by decorating inexpensive ready-made glass balls.

A Christmas tree wouldn't be complete without decorations. Making your own tree decorations is an excellent way to save money and create something that will have a deeper meaning than a plain store bought ornament.

Glass balls are one of the easiest to find and embellish ready-made ornaments. They come in a variety of metallic colors, as well as clear. This article will give you several ideas for creating beautiful glass ball ornaments!

Victorian Balls

Any color combination(s) can be used for this decorating theme. However, sticking to two colors such as silver and red creates a beautiful effect. You will need metallic silver and red colored balls or colors of your choice. This article will refer to silver and red, but remember that any colors can be used: silver and red braided trim, silver and red ribbon, silver and red tassels, and rope pearl trim.

Using a low temp glue gun, cut a section of braided trim the opposite color of the ball you are working on. Cut the trim long enough to wrap around the ball from the bottom of the ball's hanger, around the ball and back to the hanger. Glue the trim in place so the ball is evenly divided in half. Cut another piece of trim the same length and glue on so that the ball is evenly divided into quarters. Wrap the beaded trim over the top of the braded trim and glue in place at the top of the ball only! Wrap multiple lengths of both colors of ribbon around the base of the ball's hanger and tie into a bow. Glue the tassel to the bottom of the ball. A length of ribbon can be cut and glued to the top of the ball for a hanger, or a metal hook can be used to hang the ball on the tree.

Glitter Balls

For this project you can use metallic balls or clear balls depending on the effect you would like to create. You will need glitter in various colors to coordinate with your balls. Fine craft glitter works best! You will also need white glue and a paint brush.

With the glue, paint a design onto the ball and lightly dust with glitter while the glue is still wet. For multi colored designs, paint on the glue and apply each color one at a time. Some neat ideas for this project include:

Snowflake ball - Use a clear ball and sparkly white glitter to make snowflakes. This would also be pretty on metallic colored balls!

Swirls and Stars- Using a metallic ball paint on swirls and stars and cover with gold or silver glitter.

Presents- On metallic balls, paint on bright colored gift boxes and ribbons and top with multiple colors of glitter.

Signature - Let children decorate the ball with their name, the year and a simple design.

Decoupage Balls

For this project you can use any colored ball. You will need decoupage glue, and either paper or fabric. Many kinds of paper can be used including wrapping paper, tissue paper, and fun printed scrapbook papers. Tear the paper, or cut the fabric into small pieces. Apply decoupage glue to a section of the ball and press the paper or fabric pieces into place. Apply more glue over the top of the pieces being sure to coat the edges. Continue to add glue and pieces of paper or fabric until the entire ball is covered. Allow the ball to dry, and then apply another coat of decoupage glue to the entire ball.

Faux Stained Glass Balls

You will need clear glass balls for this project. You will also need glass paint and faux stained glass lead paint or pre-made strips, both of which can be found at craft supply stores and some chain discount stores. To begin, follow the manufactures directions for the type of faux leading you will be using, then apply it to the ball in simple patterns of your choice (star, bells, holly, cross, dove, etc). Fill in the patterns with glass paint. Allow the ball to dry thoroughly and seal with a spray enamel sealant if desired.

Enjoy the beautiful balls you create on your own Christmas tree, or give them away as gifts to loved ones!

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