Holiday Door Decoration Ideas: Monthly Decoration Ideas For A Basic Wreath

Use a basic wreath to keep your door looking nice. Change the decorations each month to reflect the current holidays or seasonal events.

Everyone wants a door that looks cheerful and welcoming as visitors come into the home. Decorating the door for holidays and seasonal events can make the entrance to your home look festive, and it's very simple to keep your door looking good throughout the year. If you adopt a basic look and then take away and add different elements each month, your door will always be up-to-date. You can reflect your own style, and as you gain some practice your door displays can become more and more elaborate.

Wreaths are an easy platform for decorating in different styles for each month. Choose a wreath that fits your door style; if you have French or double doors, you may want two wreaths. Decide if you want a casual or more formal look, what type of material you want for the wreath, and what size you prefer. Wreaths can be purchased in many different kinds of materials; generally, a grapevine wreath or artificial greenery wreath would be easier to decorate than those made of styrofoam or straw. Purchase a good quality wreath; if cost is a factor check after-Christmas sales for good prices. Wreaths can be found at home decorating shops, home improvement stores, discount stores, and craft stores. Also purchase a wreath hanger (a metal hook that goes over the top of the door and hangs down with a hook for the wreath on the other side) so you don't have to put nails or screws in your door.

If you buy a wreath after the Christmas season, you'll be ready to decorate for a new year of holidays. For New Year's Day you could add some silver and blue ribbons and a plastic number of the new year to your wreath. You can find all kinds of small holiday decorations in craft stores and at party shops. You could add a little baby figure to bring in the new year, or some silver glitter ribbons.

For February take off the New Year's decorations and add some Valentine's Day fun to your wreath. You can find heart shapes in many different materials and colors. Red, pink, or white ribbons, cupid figures, or even some votive candles would look good on your Valentine's Day wreath. A small teddy bear holding a heart, some paper valentines or doilies, or silk roses could be easily tucked into the wreath.

In March and April you can take off the February decorations and add some spring or Easter decorations. Silk tulips, colored eggs made of styrofoam, plastic, or papier mache, little rabbits, chicks, or other symbols of spring will make your wreath reflect the new season. Weave grosgrain ribbons in pastel shades through the wreath, or put a large bow at the bottom of the wreath and set the rabbits, chicks, and eggs in the folds of the bow. Often elaborate resin figures can be found during this time at dollar stores, and you can secure these heavier objects to the wreath with twist ties. If the Easter holidays come in April you may want to decorate for St. Patrick's Day in March, adding greenery, leprechauns, and a tiny pot o'gold.

For May you can remove the spring decorations and decorate for Cinco de Mayo, Mother's Day or Memorial Day. You could use festive colors for Cinco de Mayo, a picture of mom in a small frame for Mother's Day, or a red, white, and blue bow and little flags for Memorial Day. Add some additional decorations to your taste, such as tiny sombreros, mom's favorite flower, or little soldiers, and your wreath will reflect the May holidays. If you have someone in your family graduating in May, make a graduation wreath, adding a hat with a tassel, a rolled diploma, and a tiny graduate figure.

If you decorated for Memorial Day, you can go into June with those decorations working for Flag Day too. If red, white, and blue are boring you, add some summer flowers, straw hats, or a pair of child's flip flops and a little sand pail. Any kind of summer decorations would work fine on your wreath for June.

For July you can change your wreath to 4th of July decorations. If you are busy, just leave up the flag theme from May through July. If you want to get in the holiday spirit in a big way, put up swag of greenery all around your door frame, add stars and twinkling lights, and some flag-themed windsocks on each corner.

If you have children going back to school in August or September, put up a school-themed wreath. Add a little chalkboard, a ruler, fat pencils, and maybe a pint-sized lunch box. Let the kids help decide what goes on the wreath and leave it up for two months while everyone gets back into the school routine. If your kids play soccer, football, band instruments, etc., put on some decorations to reflect their interests. If you don't want a school theme for your September wreath, add some Labor Day items, such as miniature workers or something representing your own occupation.

For October, you can decorate for Columbus Day or Halloween. A sailing ship model would fit nicely in a wreath; wrap the bottom of the wreath with torn muslin and add some fall fruit. For Halloween the possibilities are endless; you can find tons of decorations, so choose your favorite and wrap the wreath in orange and black before putting on the ghosts, pumpkins, witches, or black cats.

If you're busy and want to leave up the same decorations for October and November, use a fall theme. Make a large raffia bow for the top or bottom of the wreath, put in a cornucopia or scarecrow, and add some glittery pumpkins or miniature corncobs. Make a swag of fall leaves and tack it up around your door frame; add twinkling lights and anchor it with large pumpkins and corn stalks.

For December, you can use a winter or a Christmas or Hanukkah theme. Snowflakes, sleds, and ice skater figurines would be cute, and other winter looks could include a teddy bear dressed in a sweater and mittens, a Victorian porcelain doll dressed in a winter outfit, and popular animated characters your children might like. Christmas and Hanukkah decorations are readily found in numerous stores during this time, and you can coordinate your wreath with your inside decorations if you want. A greenery swag around the doorway with lights looks festive, and if you want to light your wreath too, lights that run on batteries are available. If you already have a special holiday wreath for this season, you may want to retire the old one and put up a more elaborate one at this time. Hit the after-Christmas sales again to pick out a new wreath, and you're ready to start a new year of decorating.

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