Free Holiday Kid Crafts: Pine Cone Christmas Trees

Make pine cone Christmas trees, out of pine cones, beads, and paint with your children for a fun craft project.

Pine cones are often a forgotten part of nature. Most people are not aware of the crafting possibilities that pine cones provide. One of these crafting possibilities is making pine cone Christmas trees. If you are interesting in making this holiday craft, make sure you have the following materials:

-pine cones

-paint and paint brushes

-toilet paper rolls



-paper plates

-Elmer's glue

Step One: During the autumn, collect a bunch of pine cones of various sizes. Keep them in a cool, dry place until you plan on using them for this project. When you are ready to start this project, cover your work surface with newspapers so that paint will not get on your work surface. Using newspapers makes cleaning up after a project quick and easy. Also, make sure any children who will be doing this project wear paint smocks so that they do not ruin their clothing with paint stains.

Step Two: Pour a small amount of green paint onto a paper plate. Use paint brushes to start painting the pine cones. Medium-sized, flat sponge brushes work well for this because they cover a lot of area at a time. Feel free to use several different shades of green to achieve a blend of colors that will look more natural.

Step Three: Let the green paint dry. When it has dried, apply beads to the different tips of the pine cone using Elmer's glue. These beads will serve as the ornaments on the tree. Make sure you use enough glue to keep the beads securely attached to the pine cone. If a bit of glue drips, this should not matter in the overall look. Let the glue dry and then move on to the next step.

Step Four: Attach a section of string to the bottom of the pine cone by tying it to one of the part of the pine cone that sticks out. Drape the string in a circular pattern around the pine cone to make it look like holiday garland. You can secure the garland in areas with glue if it looks like it may fall off.

Step Five: Cut off a portion of a toilet paper roll and paint it brown. Use this as the Christmas tree trunk. Simply set the Christmas tree on top of the trunk for a resting place. This not only serves as a trunk, but keeps the tree from falling over!

Step Six: Find a star shaped bead and glue it to the highest peak of the pine cone. Let the glue dry and then move on to the next step.

Step Seven: Use white paint to dry brush some of the outside peaks of the pine cone. In order to dry brush, dip your paint brush into white paint and blot it onto newspaper until very little paint is left on the brush. This gives the appearance of freshly fallen snow. Let the fake snow paint dry and enjoy your new miniature pine cone Christmas tree!

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