Holiday Tips: Easy Christmas Craft Projects

Easy Christmas craft projects that are fun to make with your family as you prepare for the holidays season.

It is time to begin thinking of making those beautiful Christmas decorations to adorn our homes for the rapidly approaching holiday season. Angels are adorable, whether you are wearing one on a pin, or they are adorning the traditional Christmas tree. Take some time,with your family, to create some of the easy angel crafts listed here . You will be glad you did. These projects are wonderful to do with children ages 6 or older. Most of the supplies are probably, already, in your home. Others can be located at your local craft store.

Angel Pins or Ornaments

You will need: Bow Tie Pasta, Pearls, Pearl colored white paint, Glitter, and a Glue Gun.

Split the bow tie pasta in half. Use one of the halves as wings, use another whole piece of pasta for the body.

The pearl would be the head of the angel. Hot glue the pearl to the top of the pasta "body" part.

Paint the entire angel with white paint and sprinkle with glitter.

This can be used as an ornament or hot glue a pin backing to the back of the angel for a decorative pin.

CD Angel

You will need a CD, 3 inch Styrofoam Ball, Glue, Yarn, and Felt. Make the styrofoam ball into the angel's face. Add yarn for hair, wiggle eyes or closed eyes cut from felt (half circles with fringed eyelashes), a pink mouth, etc. Make your angel look however you like! Glue the CD at the top of the head to make the angel's halo

Doily Angel Ornament

You will need 24" of yellow yarn threaded on needle, 1 wooden bead, a 58" diameter Permanent fine-tip black marker, a 3" piece of 22-gauge wire, or pipe cleaner tacky glue, 1 round white 4" paper doily, 1 round white 2 1/2" paper doily, and a Gold cord

To make the angel's hair, thread yarn through the bead, leaving about 1" at the end to hold on to. Bring needle around and through bead in same direction, repeat about nine times until yarn covers about 2/3 of the bead. Cut yarn about 2" from bead. For bun on top of angel's head, apply a small dab of glue around base of 2" piece of yarn. Starting from center, coil around in a circle forming bun. Tuck end under bun, securing with a dab of glue. Place the wire or pipe cleaner into bead head for neck. Draw the eyes, nose and a mouth on bead with permanent marker. For the skirt, cut the 4" doily in half. Glue one half into a cone shape. To make the wings, cut two quarter sections from the 2 1/2" doily. Glue wings to cone 1/2 inch from top. Insert wire neck down through the center of the cone body and glue or staple to hold the head in place. After the glue has dried, glue the hanger to the hair.


You will need:

2 1/4" vinyl lady head

15" of white Chinese braid

10" of white pleated lace

6" of 1/8" flat gold braid

5" each of white and gold 4mm pearls-by-the-yard

6 small white feathers

2 1/2" tall glass bottle

low temp glue gun and sticks

Push the head down over the neck of the bottle. Cut the lace in half. Glue one piece of the lace around the base of the head. Glue the second piece of lace around the shoulders. Glue the braid around the binding of the upper piece of lace. Fold the gold braid in half and glue the ends to the back of head for hanger. Glue feathers to back of head for wings. Twist pearls together and glue them to the head for a halo.

Enjoy these wonderful craft projects with your family as you spend quality time in preparation for the holidays.

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