Holiday Window Decoration Ideas: Lights, Fake Snow, And Other Ideas

This holiday season, use lights, garland, foil, clings and other decorations to give your windows a little holiday spirit. Here are some unique design tips and techniques.

While you're busy decorating the tree, the yard and the packages, don't forget about the windows next holiday season. Window decor has come a long way since days gone by where people put huge lights in the glass. Of course, lights in the windows are still a nice Christmas effect, but instead of doing the typical perimeter window decorating, inside or out, use tiny lights to form a bell or "Merry Christmas" in a window.

Less hassle and very beautiful is matching wreaths with red velvet bows in each front window of your house. Or just putting the bows in each window is lovely. The bows don't have to be red; they can be gold, white, plaid or other holiday colors and patterns. Instead of wreaths you can get wooden shapes of gingerbread men, gingerbread houses, reindeer or trees and paint them before hanging in windows. Or, cut some pine branches from the back yard, decorate them with pine cones and Christmas ribbon, and hang them in each window and a large one on the front door.

Window clings open up a world of options when it comes to window decorating. The flimsy film can be printed, painted or stamped then stuck to the window. The great thing about them is that they require no adhesive so they can be used over and over again. Spray canned snow on the bottom of the window pane, then place a snowman cling holding a broom, or attach a Santa and reindeer cling. Print and cut out snowflakes, tree and presents, a wintry village, or purchase the clings already made. They're not just for Christmas, either. They have window clings for Easter, Halloween and Thanksgiving, too.

If you have canned snow, you can just decorate a couple of windows by covering them with the snow and then using a pen or other object to draw "Happy Holidays" in the snow. The canned snow is available in different holiday colors that can be used to spray on windows as well as trees or wreaths. You can twist garland and lights together to outline your snowy window.

Foils are easy to work with and come on a roll or on a flat, and all you do is cut them to the size of the window. Usually you tape the foil in, unless it is a cling-type of foil. Sometimes you can buy the foil already in the shape of a present and you cut it down to the size of your window. When using the roll foil, cut it to the shape of your panes, or use it to cut shapes or letters for sticking to the windows. The foil also looks nice on storm doors.

Put a candle in each window of your home next Christmas. To cut down on any danger, make them electric candles which will give your home a soft glow at night. Or, instead of hanging the stockings by the fireplace, hang one in each window on the front of the house.

If you're truly the craft type, make shapes like snowmen, Santa, or wreaths out of wire coat hangers. Spray paint them in metallic gold, silver, red or midnight blue. Hang in window with suction cups.

Glue two tinsel sticks in a cross shape and thread beads onto each stem. Glue a large eye-catching bead in the center and hang the crosses in the windows with suction cups. You can use the tinsel and beads to make snowflakes or candy canes, too.

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