Home Bar Decorating: Choosing The Ideal Bar Refrigerator

Hints and suggestions as to what to look for when choosing the perfect bar refrigerator for your home bar.

A home bar provides an area for entertaining guests, relaxation and watching games. A home bar also adds value to a home. Whether tucked into a corner of the basement family room or the centerpiece of your den, a home bar can quickly become the social focus of your house. An integral part of the home bar is the bar refrigerator. Some forethought should be put into both selecting and purchasing your bar refrigerator.

The first consideration in choosing and purchasing a bar refrigerator is size. The size of the bar refrigerator you choose is dependent upon many criteria. There are certain questions you must ask yourself.

First, how much space is there available behind your bar? Measure the height, width and depth available for placing the refrigerator to ensure that the refrigerator you select fits into the desired space. Also keep in mind the kind of entertaining you intend on doing. If you tend towards hosting larger parties, a larger refrigerator might be necessary. If the bar is for your personal use, or if you have smaller more intimate parties, then a smaller refrigerator is for you.

Second, how does the refrigerator blend into the rest of the bar decor? Bar refrigerators come in many different colors, styles and themes. It is relatively easy to find a refrigerator that matches the rest of your bar.

Third, how are you going to use your bar? Are you going to be hosting guests in your bar frequently? What kind of beverages do you, or your guests enjoy? If you like beer, then a larger refrigerator with special beer racks might be necessary. If you enjoy chilled wines, then make sure there is room for the size of bottles you enjoy. Some alcohol - like vodka - and liqueurs benefit from chilling as well. If you enjoy these beverages, and intend to stock them in your bar, then ensure that there is room in the refrigerator to hold these bottles properly.

If you want to install a tap in your bar, then you may purchase a special keg refrigerator -or "╦ťkegirator.' Kegirators are sized to hold quarter-, half- and full kegs.

If you enjoy wine, and have an extensive collection of wine bottles, then a wine steward would be a wise investment. Wine stewards vary in size from tabletop versions to larger small models. A quality wine steward will have variable temperature control - enabling you to safely store your red, white and blush wines at the proper temperatures.

If you are into mixed or blended drinks, then an ice machine is a necessity. A hand-turned ice crusher and a blender will add versatility to your bartending.

A back-up beer cooler is also a worthwhile purchase for storing extra beer during parties. You can rotate in new beer when needed.

When purchasing larger appliances, it is wise to check out the energy ratings. You can save money and energy while properly storing your beverages. Every new major appliance purchase has two prices: the initial purchase price and the cost of running and maintaining the appliance. The Energy Guide label on the refrigerator will tell you how many Kilowatt Hours your new fridge will use in a one year period. The lower the Kilowatt Hours, the lower the cost of running the appliance. An energy efficient model refrigerator - one with the Energy Star label - will save you about fifty dollars a year on energy costs for a kitchen model and ten to twenty dollars a year on a smaller model.

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