Home Based Medical Billing Business

Pros and cons of a medical billing service as a home based business.

What is a Medical Biller? A Medical Biller is someone that is experienced, versed, trained in the areas of medical insurance claims filing and processing either by manual means or electronically. Manual: The Medical Biller types into a software program the information necessary to process the claim, prints it out and manually submits it to the insurance carrier via the US Postal Service. Electronic claims are typed into your software program and submitted by way of the internet or through a hyperterminal connection (telephone) to a clearinghouse for faster submission and return to the provider i.e., doctor, clinic, etc. This is a brief synopsis of a Medical Biller's job description, there is much more involved.

Ok, you have purchased your software and now you are ready for that first doctor to sign your contract. You send out letters of your new business, print flyers, make calls to set up appointments, then you wait.

Unless you have a great set of leads and almost positive you will have providers signing up for your business PLEASE DO NOT LEAVE YOUR CURRENT EMPLOYMENT unless you have the financial means to support yourself and your family for several months.

There is much to speak about the business as a medical biller, but time and the length of this article would be quite substantial. Below are a few tips and lessons that may help you decide if this is something you would like to do.

(1) Make sure you have software that is user friendly, and that you will have a good technical support to help you get things up and running.

(2) Do not attempt to get a provider to signup until you know your software. Always submit test claims, most medical sotware packages have this included, that allows them to see if there are any bugs to fix and to see if you really know how to submit a claim properly.

(3) Do not attempt this type of business unless you have some formal experience or training in medical billing, coding and medical terminology. Again, most software packages come with a database of basic medical terminology, but I suggest going to your local library or ask someone that has experience to help you with training. You may ask your own physician's business office manager if he/she would allow you to sit in and observe all that is required, most usually will agree to do this because it shows their employer that they have the ability to train others!

(4) Do not invest monies in expensive advertising unless you know that you are hitting the ground running! Make your own ads, mail them to potential clients, announce your expertise, where you are located, phone number, name of your business, etc. You can make all of your advertising materials directly from your computer using your word processor and a software that allows you to use color to make images and graphics. Download some of the Free Business Card software programs and make your own business cards. You can purchase a package of ready to print cards on 8" X 11" sheets for about $4.00.

(5) Physicians do not like long detailed contracts, use the simplest contract available and have the option to modify the contract based on the services that you will provide.

(6) Check with your local city and find out if is necessary to have a license in your city to operate a home based business. If you are required to do so the cost is very minimal.

(7) You will need absolute concentration when beginning this business. Make sure you will not be disturbed while working. One mistake can cost your provider money and they do not like that. Remember this is a business and you must conduct it as one.

(8) Check with other medical billing services in your area, ask them what they charge, to make sure you do not over charge for your services.

(9) Have a plan when you do meet with your clients. Know what you are going to offer them, how you are going to better their business, most of all how they will save money and receive the best service possible.

(10) Do not give up! If you are discouraged and think you are not going to make it in this business you won't make it. It takes time and more time. Pursue your goals one step at a time. Get your name out there, not just once, but repeatedly.

Remember, Success Begins Within You!

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