As The Home Becomes Organized, Does That Often Motivate People To Maintain It?

As the home becomes organized, does that often motivate people to maintain it? Undesignated spaces become less used and organization takes over. Constant organization becomes less of a hassle than ocassional cleaning.

When going through the hard and often lengthily process of learning home organization one can start to wonder if it will even be worth it in the end. One common concern is the upkeep of everything that has been done. Rest assured that, as people see the home becoming organized, it often motivates then to maintain it. Lorie Marrero, who is the owner of "LivingOrder", a professional organization company that creates organizing solutions for homes and businesses, offers this example: "'Undesignated space' is a phrase we use in our industry to describe a space with no purpose and that just becomes a 'catch all' for clutter. Dining tables are notorious undesignated spaces, because often the house doesn't have any rules with regard to it. It is just flat surface, so everyone comes and plops stuff on it and it just becomes this place for all those postponed decisions to pile up. But when you have organized, and even decorated a space, then every place is designated and there is a home for everything. Then that becomes an official 'designated space'. People will maintain that more naturally then one that is not."

One factor to consider is the ability to be able to entertain more if you choose to or at least not cringe in embarrassment when someone stops by. The freedom of being able to throw the door open to an unexpected neighbor (instead of hiding behind it, holding it open just a crack and hoping that they will think it's just because you're not decent) is usually reason enough to keep someone motivated.

Just remembering the overwhelming task of becoming organized is sometimes motivation enough to maintain an orderly household. Something as small as papers starting to pile up tends to remind you that a few seconds now will save hours of drudgery later. During the process you will also learn about such things as "check-lists" to make maintaining easier and you might come to find that even "one little missing checkmark" will nag at your subconscious.

Last but not least, pride in your house, especially if felt for the first time or if it hasn't been felt in a long time, is usually enough to motivate people to maintain an organized home. Being able to showcase your prized possessions and receiving compliments about your 'decorating flair' (which happens frequently, even when the only thing you've changed is in the area or organization) does wonders.

Think of it in this way, almost everyone has one favorite piece of clothing that they feel good in. This is usually because of the fact that they receive a lot flattering comments when wearing it. A lot of times, the statements are not even specifically about the piece of clothing. They are more general like "You look so pretty today, did you do something different to your hair?" or "Have you lost weight? You look so slim!" or "What do you do to your skin to get such a healthy glow?" We, in turn, wear that outfit as much as possible and try to find other pieces that resemble it. We take a few extra minutes in caring for that piece of clothing and spend extra time to find others that mirror its effects. It is no different when it comes to our home. You will not only be motivated to maintain it, you may even find yourself thinking about new ways to make it even better.

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