Home Business: Sales Work

If you enjoy sales work but prefer to work from home, here are some ideas that will provide meaningful work and a decent paycheck.

As more people choose to work from home, spending less time at the office or in the employ of others, you may decide to join their ranks. If selling is your career choice, then here are some ways that you can build a business from your kitchen table:

1. Contact sales companies to sell products from home. Telephone work can be handled from any phone, and more companies are opting to let employees work at their preferred locations and time slots. Find out if one or more companies need help making cold calls, conducting sales surveys, or making follow-up contacts for resale. You may be asked to design or mail brochures as well as contact customers by telephone.

2. Sell sales-related service and support. While you may not handle or represent products directly, you can offer to sell product warranties or service contracts, especially to people who have had a product for some time and may be wondering about possible repair or replacement costs.

3. Provide sales support via technology. Use the Internet to browse for customers who may be interested in products you represent. Then get in touch with the company through the Website or by email or telephone to see if they are interested in your product line. You can also design a Website to reflect the sales niche that you occupy. That way, customers can contact you at their convenience when they come across your site.

4. Self-promoting sales. If you are starting up a new, home-based business, chances are you need to promote your own goods or services instead of somebody else's. Develop a plan of attack for finding and contacting possible customers that may be interested in what you have to offer. You can also brose the Internet to check out competitors, compare your product line and Website to others, and find potential clients.

5. Financial institutions. You can make a lucrative income from selling financial products from home. Representing banks that offer new account services, lending corporations with low interest rates, or investment companies that provide a range of savings options can pay off in good dividends like commission or bonuses when you meet or exceed an established quota. Refinancing a home, home equity, savings plans, and credit cards are some of the services you will represent to a variety of clients. You might be interested in collections, which entails calling borrowers who are late with their payments and using a variety of strategies to get them to pay. In addition to, or instead of, an hourly wage, you may be entitled to a percentage of the recovery amount.

6. Represent more than one company. You may be able to juggle several accounts or businesses at the same time. Set aside separate blocks or keep accurate records to show how you spent your time making calls or contacts for each one. That way you can't be accused of mismanagement or double dipping later. If you find yourself becoming confused or stressed, however, cut back to represent just one or two clients at a time.

Whatever your professional interests, you can probably develop a marketing plan at home for selling products or services that others need or want. Get started today!

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