Home Buyers Guide: A Definition Of Colonial Style Houses

Colonial style houses orignated in the early 1800s and have remained a popular home that offers both simplicity and efficiency.

Colonial style houses tend to be a popular style of housing with floor plans that are both attractive and functional. The rectangular style house offers a center door and may include majestic columns that flank the entryway. Houses built in the colonial style usually have two full floors.

Because this house is symmetrical in design, usually there are two windows on either side of the door that are framed with matching shutters. Generally the living space on both floors is equal in this type of house. The second floor houses all of the bedrooms with the first floor reserved for family room, living room, kitchen and formal dining room. Floor plans for these types of homes are usually designed with both simplicity and efficiency in mind.

The history of the colonial house dates back to the early 18th century when the style of the house was developed. In the early 1700s New England houses usually were built two stories high and one room deep with a chimney in the center. Over time more space was added to these houses and the style evolved into the house it is today, offering two full sized floors and usually an equal amount of living space on each level.

The main entry of this house opens into a center hall with a stairway. Once inside you will usually find a living room to one side of the stairway and a dining room on the opposite side. To the back of the house there will be a kitchen and another room adjacent to the kitchen, such as a den or family room. Sometimes the more modern colonials are built with porches or large decks and may include an attached garage.

Although there have been some stylistic changes to the house since its development in the early days of the colonies, the main theme of the home remains the same. The house is symmetrical in nature and is functional as well as practical.

If you are building a new home, there are many different colonial house plans to choose from. You may decide to build a house that is true to traditional colonial structure or pick a plan that expands on the theme. If you prefer to shop for houses that are already built, there are a variety of colonials on the market, from newer models to vintage homes. And, depending on the size of the house, you can expect to find any number of bedroom and bathroom combinations.

Something else that you may find when shopping for a colonial style house is the home that has been expanded or altered, which can sometimes prove to be an interesting change to the somewhat boxy nature of the house. For instance, in some colonials you may find additions that have been added to either side of the house, such as a sun porch. Or you may see a colonial house that has a third floor with dormers, elaborate decking or a front porch addition.

Colonial houses have remained popular for many reasons. It seems the colonists knew what they were doing when they made this house their mainstay. It is both pleasing to the eye as well as a good place for family living. One aspect of the house that makes it so attractive to families is the fact that the bedrooms are neatly tucked away upstairs. After a long day of child rearing or working at the office, this home leaves ample space for parents to relax and unwind.

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