Home Crafts: Etched Glass Project Ideas

Here are some glass craft ideas you can etch to beautify your home.

If you've got glass etching fever, you probably have looked around your home for suitable items to etch that would enhance your decor.


The kitchen is where you'll be able to show off many of your projects, because of the dinnerware and numerous glass items you can etch and display there. Here are some objects you can etch:

* Glass mugs or Irish coffee mugs can be etched with graphics or personalization.

* Glass bowls of all sizes. Etch a set of smaller bowls for soup, salad or cereal. You can even etch a small bowl to use a soap holder in a bathroom. Etch a large bowl for serving food, or for holding potpourri or floating candles.

* Glass plates will look special with a small repetitive pattern encircling the edge. You can etch "Happy Birthday" on the center of a glass plate and designate it for a birthday person on their special day.

* Glass vases, large and small. Don't be afraid to try a project on a colored glass vase. Also, you could try etching a uniquely shaped liquor or wine bottle and turn it into a lovely vase.

* Dessert dishes can be etched with graphics or personalization, such as "Mom's Pudding." An ice cream motif will be popular with young and old alike.

* Glass canisters will look great displayed on your kitchen counter, so pick a design that coordinates with your present kitchen decor.

* Glass champagne flutes or wine glasses can be etched with graphics or personalization. Making personalized glasses for newlyweds that incorporate the marriage data with graphics yields a gift that will be treasured for years to come.

* Glass trinket boxes with hinged lids, which are found in craft stores, can be etched. These make nice gifts.

* Glass perfume bottles that are plain could get a sprucing up with one well-placed etched graphic.

* Small hanging panes of glass, which are sold in craft stores, have beveled or smooth edges and come with one or two holes at the top for hanging. The potential here is unlimited for any kind of words or saying to be etched, such as "Jane's Kitchen," which will make a wonderful and much appreciated personalized gift.

* Consider etching the glass that will cover a picture frame, but this must be designed so that it won't detract from the picture in the frame or cover it up. Probably one small design in a corner or two is best, or consider a tiny pattern that runs around the edge and does not overlap the photograph in any way.


Etching a door or window in your home is a way to enjoy glass etching on a grand scale. You'll have lots of space for a big elaborate design that can be viewed all at once on a flat surface. The sandblasting technique would be used to etch large surfaces such as these, in order to obtain professional results.

* Glass closet doors or French doors are two avenues to display your artistic talents with glass etching. You'll be able to enjoy your artwork every time you walk past these doors, so choose a design you love. Also included in this category would be glass china cabinet doors, glass bookcase doors, and glass sliding doors to medicine cabinets or storage units. Use glass etching cream and a delicate or small pattern to etch small areas of the door. If you plan on etching large areas, you could treat the whole door or parts, if the door contains separate glass panels. Consider leaving some of the panels as clear glass and etching others, thus combining two types of glass in the same door.

* The front door to your house can be etched in the same manner as a closet door or French doors. Front doors which feature glass cutouts, big or small, can be etched. Or you may choose to etch a glass storm door if your main front door does not have any glass in it at all.

* Windows can be etched with very small patterns around the edges, using etching cream. Reverse etching, where most of the window is frosted, lends itself beautifully to a bathroom window that is lacking privacy. The end result of etching a small bathroom window is much more elegant and long lasting than using contact paper or plastic, which must withstand steam from the shower. Another benefit is that more light will enter the room through a partially etched window versus a window that is covered by curtains or contact paper.

* Transoms are old fashioned and with the advent of central air-conditioning, rarely incorporated into the design of modern houses. If you happen to live in a house with a transom, you can accentuate it with glass etching.

* The one other kind of window that would look lovely after being etched are the very narrow windows which frame a front door. Many modern houses are built with these strips of glass located above and on the left and right sides of a front door. These windows let more light into the foyer area but unfortunately, privacy is sacrificed, especially at night. Glass etching would be an elegant solution to this dilemma instead of using custom curtains, which would cover the area but block out light. Frosting most of the glass with a design would add beauty and charm, as well as let in enough light so that you can still enjoy the effect intended by the builders of the home and also retain privacy.

Get out your glass etching supplies, stencils and get started!

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