Home Decor: Creating A Golfing Theme

Creating a golf theme can be simple and fun. There are many things you can buy or make to go along with your theme.

Do you have a passion for golf? Does your family groan when you start talking about golf, yet again? One way to channel your love of golf is in creating a golf themed room. It's really quite easy to do and doesn't even have to be permanent. Below are some tips to help you on your redecorating journey.

First, choose your room. Maybe it's a den, a bedroom, or an office. It needs to be a room you enjoy spending time in. What would be the point in creating your golf themed haven in a room that rarely gets used? Also make sure other people who use it (such as your spouse) won't be adverse to the golf theme.

Now decide how permanent you want the theme to be. Are you considering moving in the next few years or is this where you're going to live the rest of your golf loving life? Is golf truly a passion that you have had and will have for a good long time? Or maybe you're one of those people who is into something for a few years and then moves on to the next thing? Either way, making this decision before you begin can save you some headache later.

Now that you have chosen your room and the lengths you're willing to go to, let's start with the walls. For you permanents out there you can consider a golf themed wallpaper or border. Trust me, they're out there. You'll have better luck at a store specializing in wall d├ęcor than perhaps a general home improvement store. The internet is also a great place to shop for this. For those of you who don't want something so permanent or time consuming, or who just want a more subtle theme, a nice neutral wall color will do just fine. Maybe a nice medium to light brown, like the sandtraps. Perhaps you can work with what your room already has, like dark wood paneling.

Next let's consider your furniture. Using furniture you already have? Try adding some golf throw pillows. Again, yes they are out there, you just have to look. Sometimes your smaller mom and pop furniture or antique stores are better at carrying things like this. Just take your time. It doesn't have to be completed in a single weekend. Or for those of you who are more crafty, go to your local fabric store, buy some material, and make your own. How about a golf afghan thrown on the back of your recliner? Or a golf throw rug on the floor? These are easy additions that can go a long way in creating your golf theme. Now for those of you purchasing new furniture, try colors in dark brown, tan, or dark green. While I'm not sure about golf fabric on a sofa, I do know there are golf themed tables out there or you can create one yourself. Remove any knobs and replace them with golf balls and glue some tees around the edge.

Your walls and your furniture are the main things to consider. After that start thinking about the smaller things, like things to hang on the wall or put on display. These can range from the elegantly simple to the absolutely silly. You can find beautiful paintings of golf courses or photographs from famous courses. You can hang pictures of your golfing heroes, make a golfing shadow box, you can even hang an old club or two on the wall. Golf picture frames are easy to find or to create. Hang a famous golfing quote on the wall, or create your own "golfer's prayer".

Once you start looking you will find that there are thousands of ideas out there and tons of golf paraphernalia for purchasing. From your large chain department stores, to the hole in the wall antique shop, to the internet, golf stuff is out there for the taking. It's also quite simple to make your own items. Just remember it's supposed to be easy and fun, so get out there and start creating!

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